CRAZED (BR) showcases his growth with ‘Missão de Responsa’

The fourth release of the upcoming ‘CORE VA: Brasil 23’ EP

From the streets of Santos, Tales Menezes, better known as CRAZED (BR), developed his enthusiasm for electronic music through important albums like Benny Benassi’s ‘Hypnotica‘.

His latest single, ‘Misso de Responsa,’ which was released today on CORE Records, exemplifies his progress and is prepared to leave an unforgettable impression on the electronic music landscape.

Tales began DJing after aspired to be a drummer, perfecting a unique fusion of electro, funk, and afrobeat. He demonstrated exceptional resilience and determination in the face of severe personal and professional setbacks.

As CRAZED (BR) continues to rise, the globe can expect more inventive sounds that combine his Brazilian roots with modern electronic beats.

Stay attentive because this artist knows where he’s going, and ‘Misso de Responsa’ is just the start.

Misso de Responsa‘ is currently available on all platforms.

CORE VA: Brasil 23

To commemorate Tomorrowland’s return to Brazil on October 12-14, CORE Records has released ‘CORE VA: Brasil 23’, a handpicked 6-track EP highlighting the dynamic electronic sounds of Brazil’s most progressive producers.

Each of the six tracks in this collection is a celebration of genre-mixing music, featuring Brazilian artists who have performed on CORE stages throughout the world or who resonate with the CORE musical universe.

The CORE Various Artist EP showcases the particular essence of CORE Records, which will be echoed in the lead-up to CORE stages and festivals worldwide.

Each week, a new track from the highly anticipated ‘CORE VA: Brasil 23’ EP collection will be released, featuring previously unheard material from cutting-edge Brazilian artists such as Cesrv, Mila Journée, Trajano, CRAZED (BR), Festa Tempestade, Diogo Strausz, and VHOOR.

‘CORE VA: Brasil 23’, released exclusively through CORE Records on October 13, captures the exciting originality of Brazil’s electronic music scene. A blend of Baile Funk, techno, and a disco remix of a bossa nova folk group can be expected.

CORE Records unveils a fresh look for its upcoming Various Artist EP.

The label has turned the soundwaves of each track into distinctive three-dimensional shapes, drawing inspiration from the concepts of cymatics – the study of visual sound vibrations.

Each track now has its own characteristic form that reflects its individual audio style.

This novel technique not only highlights the uniqueness of each song, but also unites them under the coherent identity of CORE Records.