Watch the moment a trance music festival in Israel become a battleground

How a desert music festival became the site of a Hamas terror attack and hostage takeover

NOVA festival Israel via Instagram
NOVA festival Israel via Instagram

In a shocking turn of events, NOVA festival, a vibrant outdoor trance music festival in the southern desert of Israel turned into a nightmare for thousands of attendees.

What should have been a night of celebration in honor of the Sukkot festival turned into a terrifying ordeal when Hamas terrorists launched a surprise attack on the event. Chaos ensued as festivalgoers were caught off guard, and the festive atmosphere quickly turned into one of fear and survival.

The outdoor trance music festival, produced by NOVA Productions, attracts thousands of Israelis aged 20-40 from all over the country. Security personnel were visibly present at the beginning of the party, reassuring attendees of their safety. The night was meant to be a memorable experience filled with music, dancing, and celebration.

The Surprise Attack

In the midst of the festivities, the unthinkable happened. Hamas terrorists launched a coordinated attack on the festival, creating a wave of panic among the attendees.

Videos on social media captured the chaos that ensued as a rocket warning siren blared, and attendees scrambled to find safety.

Esther, one of the attendees, shared her harrowing experience in a Channel 12 interview.

She described how she and her friend were shot at while attempting to leave the party, resulting in her car being totaled. Miraculously, they were saved by a jeep driver, but their escape was short-lived as the driver was shot, and the jeep crashed into a pit.

Esther and her friend were left playing dead for two hours until they heard Hebrew-speaking soldiers, who finally came to their rescue.

Gili Yoskovich, another festivalgoer, recounted her nightmarish experience to the BBC.

She described how she hid under a tree in a field as gunmen roamed about, shooting anyone they encountered. The attackers were armed with automatic weapons and were relentless in their assault.

Gili shared her desperation as she navigated the chaotic scene, trying to avoid the hail of bullets.

She eventually found herself hiding amidst pomelo trees, surrounded by terrorists for three agonizing hours. With nowhere to run, she stayed quiet and composed, hoping for the arrival of the Israeli army.

However, to her shock, no assistance arrived during the ordeal, leaving her at the mercy of the militants.

The Long Wait for Rescue

As Gili lay in the field, she heard both Arabic and Hebrew voices. Soldiers were present, but the terrorists were still close by.

In a moment of bravery, she raised her hands to signal that she was not a threat. Eventually, soldiers came to her aid, but the situation was far from over.

Many others faced a similar fate, enduring hours of terror and uncertainty before rescue arrived.

Young festivalgoers, trying to escape the violence, were caught in the crossfire along the road, resulting in tragic casualties.