Like Mike goes melodic techno on Purified with ‘The Night’

Like Mike
Like Mike

The Night” by HEREON, Like Mike, and braev blends haunting melodies with electronic beats, raising awareness for ocean conservation. With cover art by Daniel Nicholson depicting the ocean floor, the track underscores the urgency of protecting our oceans while delivering a powerful musical experience.

Adam Sellouk, who usually works under the name HEREON, teams up with Like Mike and the renowned singer braev for the first time on Purified Records to release The Night.

The Night makes people feel strong emotions with its haunting voices and striking instruments. The artists’ different styles come together perfectly in this deep and powerful cut, making a classic that will last.

Like Mike as HEREON on Purified

In 2023, HEREON made waves in the underground by recording sounds that were somewhere between melodic house and techno. This is the other side of famous electronic music act, Like Mike.

HEREON looks into the connection between spiritual awakening and electronic music. He uses vocals and sound waves to make a seamless mix of frequencies.

His music will uplift the viewer and create a soundscape that restores the harmony of what it means to be human.

The unique sounds of HEREON embrace the power of the group, blurring the lines between genres and countries.


As a professional musician, Pasquale D’Alessio is known as braev. He started out as a virtuoso guitarist and became an amazing singer with the help of famous coach Seth Riggs. Riggs invited Braev to Los Angeles, and he got a scholarship to go to UCLA’s opera school. After five years with Opera de Montreal, he changed his attention to try out different types of music.

When music professional Dino Lenny saw how talented ARTBAT was at Tiësto‘s writing camp, it was a turning point that led to the successful release Origin with ARTBAT.

Braev became famous as a dual-threat producer thanks to this project. He has worked with famous acts like Yotto, Matador, Stephan Jolk, Massano, 8Kays, Innellea, and Colyn and has shown off his skills at Ushuaia Ibiza and Afterlife’s popular tour.

By working hard on his solo record, braev is going to show off all of his skills as a self-produced, written, and sung artist.

The cover art by Daniel Nicholson

Daniel Nicholson took the picture of the ocean floor that is in “The Night.” The ocean keeps the Earth at a constant temperature. It takes in, stores, and gives off huge amounts of heat. It helps keep the Earth’s temperature stable and the climate stable. He was also in charge of Purified Fragments XVIII cover art.

There is a global conveyor belt system of ocean currents that move water around the world and connect all the major ocean areas. It takes this system about a thousand years to go around once.

The ocean floor isn’t always the same; it’s always shifting. Undersea earthquakes, volcanic activity, and tectonic shifts change the shape of the seabed all the time, adding new features and changing old ones.

HEREON X ADAM SELLOUK X BRAEV x LIKE MIKE - The Night cover art by Daniel Nicholson
HEREON X ADAM SELLOUK X BRAEV x LIKE MIKE – The Night cover art by Daniel Nicholson

Oceana and Only One Project

Ocean conservation groups like Oceana work to protect and restore the oceans around the world.

More than a billion people are fed every day by an ocean that is healthy, full, and back to normal.

This can help fight climate change and keep people’s jobs.

They have won more than 275 campaigns around the world to protect and restore, and they are still on their goal to save the ocean and help feed the world.

Daniel Nicholson is one of the most famous expert underwater photographers in the world. He works on the Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia.

He wants to show people the magic and beauty of the underwater world in order to get people to protect it and make changes.

Want to do more to protect the ocean? Explore Only One is an action platform for the planet that is working to improve the health of the oceans and solve the climate problem with the help of the people.