Martin Garrix’s STMPD gears up for ADE 2022

STMPD Records, Martin Garrix's imprint is ready to come back to Amsterdam Dance Event 2022 with a label party and brand new music

New music, a label party and conference, SMTPD Records, Martin Garrix’s music label is ready to take over this year’s edition of the Amsterdam Dance Event.

A month in music: STMPD

Julian Jordan, LOOPERS & SHAIROX, and Space Ducks

Things started to heat up at the beginning of September when Julian Jordan returned to STMPD with Noise. Julian Jordan continued with his phase even after the publication of his EP “Hyper.” He is prepared to launch another track by the name of “Noise” after releasing “Vibe” on STMPD RCRDS’ and Tomorrowland’s collaboration EP, which is still going strong. One of Jordan’s busiest summers to date gave him the opportunity to test a ton of new music while tearing up stages throughout the globe, and “Noise” is the first of those tracks to surface.

The hard-hitting single was a great evolution of his sound, driving people insane everywhere he performed it live. Noise, Jordan’s next single that has already earned a spot in Beatport’s top 10 Trending list, is a definite continuation of his distinctive sound that so many people adore.

The 2nd of September marked another return on STMPD. The successful duo LOOPERS & SHAIROX are back with their second joint effort, “Density.” After collaborating on ‘Duality,’ ‘Density’ is the ideal follow-up, striking the ideal balance between groove and thunderous basslines. The music blends ethnic elements with contemporary electronic sounds, making it appropriate for both mainstages and underground events.

A new duo has also landed on STMPD: Space Ducks. The Space Ducks song “Panic,” which Martin Garrix debuted on his mainstage Tomorrowland weekend 2 set, was made available today. The song “Panic,” which conjures up noises from outer space, is best described as tech house on steroids that is powerful but still incredibly danceable.

The sounds are weird yet so satisfying, it’s like life, sometimes you have to embrace the chaos to actually enjoy it!’

Seth Hills & Justin Mylo

A week later, two well-known STMPD artists returned to the label: Seth Hills & Justin Mylo.

Seth Hills is releasing ‘The Middle‘ today while experimenting with a new sound. Hills’ inspiration to produce a track with a male vocal basis sparked the creative process. He immediately submitted the instrumental to Magnus, whose vocals can be heard on the single, after creating it. The Middle is a good synthesis of Garth Hills’ early distinctive sounds with a brand-new section of his music. The upbeat sound had the audience dancing as he formally debuted the song during his Tomorrowland mainstage act.

Back in action, Justin Mylo collaborates with Jordan Shaw and Money For Nothing on “Before The Dawn.” ‘Before the Dawn’ is a song about hope that makes music that can be used as an escape. It serves as a reminder to try to focus on the better days when life sometimes feel depressing. Jordan Shaw didn’t have to second guess joining this tune because he’s always wanted to be a part of a song that promotes positivism.

Drove’s Live Performance and KVSH

What if a whole EP is played live by its producers and composers? The Drift Away EP by Drove, which was published in June of this year, is performed live in this video. The EP depicted a trip built around the idea of escaping into your thoughts and adopting a positive outlook during uncertain times. With real instruments and a set-up that is perfectly in line with their distinctive branding, the boys perform the EP tracks live.

Drove - Drift Away (Live Performance)

Lyrically we tried to push the listener to imagine a world created by their own imagination. With visualizations that can be considered as surrealistic we tried to push this idea even more. – Drove

The initial step for Drove to develop the project into a live performing act, in addition to playing as DJs, is Drift Away Live.

Forbes 30 under 30, Luciano Ferreira aka KVSH, returns to STMPD with Safari. The single titled “Safari” by KVSH is his latest and most contagious offering. This song demonstrates once more why he’s so popular by fusing his Brazilian roots with his instantly recognizable distinctive sound.

Aevion and Badflite

Last but not least, last week saw Aevion and Badflite back on STMPD.

The result of Aevion‘s desire to produce a club tune with melodic techno elements and vintage synths is “The Serpent.”

The Serpent is a hypnotic track that captures the chaotic rhythms of a snake moving between the melodies. The narrative vocals explore the idea of obsessive love and this image of a serpent symbolizes a scorned lover waiting to strike at his unrequited prey. ‘Dark Techno’ elements mixed in with retro synths also emphasizes this vindictive theme. – Aevion

Finally returning with a brand-new song, Mesmerised, is Badflite. He paused during the pandemic to reconsider the project, and he has a ton of new songs planned for release in the upcoming months. He’s prepared to change the course of the project and display his true personality after removing his mask as well. The first song to do it is titled Mesmerised.

I was playing around with my bass guitar and came up with a new idea. I decided to put it together with some vocal samples and parts of my other demo and I really liked it. That’s how this track was born.This track was inspired by Jamiexx who has been one of my favorite artists for many years. Through this track, I kind of give him a tribute.’ – BADFLITE

Amsterdam Dance Event 2022 program for STMPD

Re-imagine your mixes in Dolby Atmos

Deep dive into advanced mixing techniques at the STMPD Studios with Eelco Bakke, STMPD Recording Studios’ Senior Sound Engineer.

Consumers may now experience superior sound quality in the privacy of their own homes thanks to the launch of the Dolby Atmos spatial audio format. It enables musicians to produce immersive music with precisely positioned and moving sounds in three-dimensional areas, providing the listener with a whole new experience.

This masterclass, held at STMPD Recording’s Dolby Atmos Premier Studio certified Mix Stage, features explanations and demonstrations of the cutting-edge Dolby Atmos technology by senior mixer Eelco Bakker and professor of audio engineering Marcela Rada. You will be exposed to a variety of top-notch Dolby Atmos mixes, understand the fundamentals of a Dolby Atmos production workflow, learn how Eelco Bakker and Marcela Rada construct their mixes, and gain in-depth knowledge through a live remote Q&A with David Ziegler, a Dolby Atmos technology expert.

Sign up for this masterclass here!

STMPD ADE 2022 label night

Martin Garrix, the multiple-time world’s top DJ, will bring his own label, STMPD, for a diverse evening.

We have grown accustomed to gathering on Friday nights at Amsterdam RAI for the renowned Martin Garrix performance. The atmosphere at AIR Amsterdam is a little more intimate this year with Martin Garrix and an outstanding STMPD lineup (to be confirmed).