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Instagram glitch long photos
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Instagram has a new glitch that lets people post long stretched photos

How people is using a new Instagram glitch to post very long stretched-out photos

You’re scrolling down your Instagram timeline and you suddenly had to scroll more than normal for one photo. This is a new glitch that someone has found out on Instagram that lets people post long stretched photos.

No more proportions restriction as with this new glitch, people can now post very long photos. Why? Well, first of all, it’s attention-grabbing. It’s clearly that, especially, in the first hour the glitch has been discovered, the number of people knowing about it was low, and seeing this on your feed was like “what’s is going on? Who is this?”

Second of all, it seems that, compared to a normal post, the photos uploaded via this glitch continues to return on top of people feeds, even after hours from publication. This strange behavior has brought an exponential increase of coverage for this specific type of post.

How post long stretched photos on Instagram?

So, how can you use the glitch? Well, it’s pretty simple. If you’re on a PC, you can use software like Photoshop to create a very long image (around 2.000 pixels wide and 25.000 or more pixels length). On a second layer, you can copy the photo you want to use and stretch it. After saving the pic you will be able to upload on Instagram that will convert the pic into a very long post.

Another method is to use some editing app on your smartphone, pasting on top of some already existing long images you have previously download the photo you want to post. At this point, again, you have to stretch your original pic and then upload it on Instagram.

Because this is a glitch and not an official Instagram function, we highly suggest to not replicate it on your profile. It could impact your future coverage or, even worst, you may face a ban for exploiting the app.

The glitch seems to be present only on the iOS version of the app as, on Android, everything seems to work fine.

Instagram is aware of the issue and it’s working on a fix. Facebook, that own Instagram, commented: “We’re aware of a bug involving oversized photos on Instagram. We’re working quickly to fix the issue”.

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