Camp EDC
Camp EDC

Camp EDC Packing Guide: 12 Must-Haves

The top items to bring if camping at Electric Daisy Carnival EDC Las Vegas (May 17-19)

Festival season is in full swing, and EDC Las Vegas (May 17–19) is just around the corner. People who are going to the festival are probably wondering what they should bring to make sure they’re ready for a great weekend of music, dancing, and building community, particularly those who have weekend passes to Camp EDC.

Campers can choose between shiftpod and RV camping, and they can enter and leave the festival as they please. They can also use the Mesa, which is a busy area with entertainment, activities, and amenities like yoga, wellness workshops, pool parties, and beauty stations that campers can enjoy and participate in all weekend.

Don’t like camping? Electric Daisy Carnival has you covered with the EDC Hotels.

No matter how many times you’ve been camping before or if this is your first time, it’s important to know what you should bring to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Here are the things we think you should bring if you plan to camp at EDC Las Vegas:


There are TWO tent locks: There are two doors on each shiftpod, so you will need a lock for each one. You’ll need locks to keep your things safe and secure while you’re under the electric sky.


Flags: It’s easy to lose your tent at night when there are a lot of other campers in shiftpods and RVs setting up for the weekend. Put up flags, totems, and other items in your tent or RV to keep this from happening. This will not only make your weekend home more interesting and fun, but it will also make your tent stand out on the Camp EDC grounds. You should make sure that any totems you bring to Camp EDC or the event in general follow the rules set by EDC.


Earplugs: Since Camp EDC is part of the main event, the party really never ends. When you finally need to sleep, we suggest bringing earplugs or noise-canceling headphones to make sure you can get some Zzz’s. But make sure you bring some high-quality earplugs with you to the event. The noise level is lowered by these earplugs without changing the sound quality, so you can still enjoy the music without hurting your hearing. They are the official earplugs of EDC Las Vegas 2024, and this pair has an EDC theme.

Comfy shoes

Fashionable shoes: Whether they’re boots, sneakers, or even sports sandals, you’ll need your favorite rave shoes to keep you comfy while you walk, dance, and move around a lot at EDC and Camp EDC. You should also bring a cheap pair of waterproof flip-flops for the heated showers that are available to all Camp EDC guests at a number of facilities around the campgrounds.


Cover up with sunscreen. Even though EDC is in the evening, campers will be moving around the Mesa all day doing yoga, rave exercise, guided meditation, arts and crafts, pool parties, and other group activities. Since the event is at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, it can be hard to find a place with shade. Bring sunscreen with a high SPF and remember to reapply it often. The sun will never go down in Las Vegas, and no one wants to go to a party with a bad sunburn.

Camp EDC
Camp EDC


The Camp EDC General Store has medicine, toiletries, clothes, food, drinks, and other things you might have forgotten at home. Bring a cooler with you so your food and drinks stay cool in the hot Vegas sun. They sell bags of ice.

Water Pack

If you want to stay hydrated during the whole event, bring a water pack. It will also come in handy at Camp EDC, where there are free water refill stations all over the grounds. Don’t like water packs? You can get an official Insomniac reusable water bottle from the Insomniac Shop when you get there, or you can order one online ahead of time. Tip: Bring electrolyte drinks or hydration packs with you to make sure you stay hydrated, even if you’re moving and sweating all weekend. The best non-alcoholic drink at EDC is Hiyo, which is tasty, refreshing, and energizing. It’s a great way to enjoy the party without any of the consequences.


Fans, it’s really hot in Las Vegas. Camp EDC has shade structures and water misters to help campers stay cool during the day, but a personal fan is always a good idea for when you want to cool off anywhere. Some people who go to festivals like folding hand fans, while others like small electric fans that run on batteries. Whatever you decide, you’ll be glad you chose to be on the Mesa where there is a cool breeze and an electric sky.


There are a lot of other ravers at Camp EDC, so it can be hard to find a mirror when everyone is going to the bathroom to fix their hair, put on makeup, or finish off their shows. Have a travel mirror in your shiftpod ready to go so you don’t have to fight for a spot at the bathroom mirrors, which are sure to be busy.


The clothes and accessories that people wear to raves are some of the most famous parts of rave culture. Kandi, which are brightly colored bracelets with beads and often funny sayings on them, are an important part of raves and are meant to be shared with other people who go. PLUR stands for peace, love, unity, and respect. Trading these bands is a nod to those values and a great way to get to know other campers.


Wear bandanas or pashminas. The Motor Speedway is in the middle of the desert, just outside of Las Vegas. The air is always pretty dirty, but it gets really dirty in the evening when the winds get strong. Some black boogers are bad things that could happen, but having a bandana or two on hand will help you avoid them. Also, pashminas are a good choice because they can keep you cool in the summer and protect you from dust at the same time.

Bathing suits

Camp EDC has four pools that were created and put together by Insomniac. From Friday to Sunday, there are pool parties with special guest DJs, specialty drinks, and an oasis-like atmosphere. So cool off during the day before EDC starts at night, and don’t forget to bring some bathing clothes because there will be pool parties all weekend.

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Camp EDC Announces EDC Las Vegas 2024 Return