Steve Angello ‘Rave ‘N’ Roll’ gets Corey James Remix

Corey James
Corey James via

SIZE Records is getting ready with another banging tune. The Corey James remix of Steve Angello’s “Rave ‘N’ Roll has been released on the 5th of April. This version of Steve Angello’s famous song is ready for the main stage.

It will surely light up the festival scene with its unmatched energy and dynamism. Corey James injects his iconic energetic and electro sound in the already legendary Angello’s single.

This remix has been a highlight of Swedish House Mafia and Steve Angello‘s sets for the past two years. It has been heard by thousands of people at big events like Ultra Miami, Tomorrowland in Belgium and Brazil, Creamfields, and USHUAÏA. Its release to the public is a big part of the SIZE XX Celebrations, which honor 20 years of groundbreaking music.

Corey James gives “Rave ‘N’ Roll” a big festival vibe that makes it ready to be the sound of this summer’s concert circuit. The remix not only honors the original’s lively style but also elevates it to the level of mainstage hits, making it sure to be a hit at festivals and with DJs all over the world.

This remix of “Rave ‘N’ Roll” from SIZE Records is another step forward for electronic music. It’s a track that will be played at a lot of festivals this summer.