Trace Epileptic Danz Records
Trace Epileptic Danz Records

Trace unleashes new tune ‘Epileptic’ on Danz Records and it’s electrifying

DJ/Producer Trace from Uzbekistan releases a fresh tune on his imprint Danz Records, called ‘Epileptic’.

‘Epileptic’ is definitely a drum banger; it includes a catchy vocal and siren sound with electric synths which are later on followed by an enormous funky drop and floor-shaking drums. When the record drops it is impossible for your senses to stay calm. A vowel-filtered synth driven by groovy percussions and a wide bassline is the key element of the breakdown.

Over the past couple of years, Trace has released such unique tracks and this one is no different. Swedish House Mafia member, Steve Angello chose it for his performances. He has been charging people up by playing it at Ultra Music Festival and Creamfields Steel Yard London.

‘Epileptic’ is not the first banger that Trace has dropped. He jumped on Free Music Recordings more than a year ago with ‘Carnai’. His music style is very dynamic and as proof, you can listen to his latest free download record, ‘Ethno Jam. Besides the incredible support by SIZE Boss… Promise Land, Jose De Mara, and Lumberjack played ‘Epileptic’ on their respective radio shows.

Trace’s new song is out now via Danz Records. This new imprint is owned by Trace himself and Nerak (1/2 of duo MEG & Nerak); it’s a wonderful sight to see how the owners themselves are kickstarting the label with such bangers. If you’ve missed the first one, Danz’s debut record was Nerak’s single ‘Telepathy’.

We suggest you keep your eyes wide open for Danz Records for their future releases. In the meanwhile, Trace’s ‘Epileptic’ is available for stream and you can even download it below.