Monstercat goes melodic house with Angara ‘Rwanda/Kyoto’

It’s emotive, sensual, and intimate; Angara‘s new records Rwanda/Kyoto embodies a new direction for Monstercat: sharp dance invitations with a deeply emotional and soulful framework.

The song is a catchy and upbeat single with clear UK influences that works well in a variety of settings, including dance floors, road trips, living rooms, and even quieter settings. The cinematic soundscapes backed with charming and pleasant percussive rhythm flow seamlessly until the faithful and devoted breakdown. In the background, the progression of chunky basslines and cutting percussions bring the listener on a hypnotic journey across space and time.

On a more melodic note, Kyoto introduces beautiful and motive vibes on a sexy and exciting bassline. Evolving from a dancefloor-ready tune to lo-fi and meditative record, Kyoto drives the audience over unknown horizons, exploring their inner soul for an exciting voyage.

The duo composed the two single during the French confinement:

Isolated in our studio, we felt the need to travel sitting on our chair, at least mentally. Rwanda syncopated rhythms combined with the warmth of gated vocals to break the routine and the mix of softness and liveliness of Kyoto to match our emotions tinted with doubts but also hope. – Angara

This beautifully uplifting and ethereal EP led by the title track is very much type of music that embodies the ethos of both Silk as a brand and Angara as a duo: to be at the intersection of emotional and soothing sounds coming out of the Chill electronic and House space – Conor Systrom, Manager at Monstercat

Angara portrays a landscape where seemingly opposed emotions are woven together. Combining sensitive and soothing melodies with engaging rhythms and atmospheres, their music conveys the feeling of getting carried away in the world of the listener’s own imagination.

It all started in the late 2000s when Loris & Quentin met in the south of France, sharing their first music productions as teenagers. Almost a decade later, life brought them back together and shaped their musical complementarity into a proper tandem project.

Now, after more than 20 years from their first meeting, Angara debuts on Monstercat with Rwanda/KyotoStream and download here or below.