Nanoviola debuts on Ensis with melodic-future-rave single ‘String Storm’

German-based producer Nanoviola returns with the second single of 2021 in the form of String Storm via Ensis Records.

Kicking off with cinematic and bubbling bassline, the tune rapidly jumps into the first future-rave melodic drop. Packed with hypnotic and catchy main theme, the tune is an explosion of energy. An electro-progressive and future rave crossover, the tune flows into the melodic breakdown where the theme is played by violins in classic-inspired harmonies. Overall an exciting record, super fresh, that mixes together different musical styles for a beautiful result.

The release of the record has been paired with the official music video, where you can see the incredible Nanoviola’s skills when it comes to playing the violin.

String Storm is currently out on Ensis Records and the tune marks the debut of Nanoviola on the label. You can check both the video and the tune below or following this link.

Nanoviola - String Storm