Extra Terra
Extra Terra

Extra Terra’s Hypnotic Melodic Techno Single “Feel the AGI”

French DJ and producer Extra Terra has put out a catchy new melodic techno single called “Feel the AGI.” The track features Extra Terra’s signature sound, which is inspired by movies and cyberpunk. It combines hypnotic melodies with driving techno beats.

Fans of artists like Anyma will be drawn to the song’s emotional synthwave parts and wide melodic lines right away. “Feel the AGI” is a transcendent journey into Extra Terra’s dark, futuristic sound world. It includes layered arpeggios and patterns that make you think of digital eternity and simulation theory.

The song combines the heavy sound of techno with the emotional power of melodic electronica. Extra Terra’s careful sound design is on full show here.

In just a few years, the French producer has racked up millions of plays. He quickly became one of the most important names in melodic techno and cyberpunk bass music in France. Labels like Buygore, Otodayo, FiXT Neon, and Firepower Records have released music with his unique style.

The song “Feel the AGI” comes after Extra Terra’s well-reviewed albums “CONVERGENCE 2045” and “PROJEKT 2077.” They both brought listeners in with his unique mix of synthwave, sci-fi cinematics, and heavy bass music.