Alesso drops new 3-track EP ‘Hypnotize’

Alesso EDC Las Vegas 2021
Alesso EDC Las Vegas 2021

Alesso is now exploring bass house further with his new EP Hypnotize. This comes after his first attempt at the style with “Zig Zag.” The three-song collection is a big change from his famously pop sound on Body Hi/Capitol Records.

Alesso has been making progressive house and pop-oriented music for the past few years, but the Hypnotize EP is a little different.

The Rhythm of the Night,” which masterfully weaves the iconic sample of Corona’s timeless original song into his own version of modern dance tapestry, is one of the three tracks on this time’s collection.

The other two are brand-new singles, and the third is the previously released track “Zig Zag.” The project shows how good Alesso is at blending his emotional signature sound with different types of electronic music, like techno and progressive house, while still being a part of the underground electronic music scene.

After Alesso’s electrifying DoLab set at Coachella, during his first appearance under his new name, Body Hi by Alesso, this much-anticipated release comes right after it. This is the start of a big growth, and it’s only the first part of a much bigger story for Alesso. He recently played at Coachella under the name Body Hi. This year, the name will take on a life of its own. Alesso is moving in a new and exciting direction with this growth, which shows that he can not only make chart-topping hits but also develop a full artistic vision.

Fans can see Alesso live in a few weeks as he lights up stages in the U.S., Europe, and other places, playing a dynamic mix of his new works and his classic tracks. Alesso’s tour will soon stop at Tomorrowland, EDC Las Vegas, and his famous resident shows in Las Vegas.