Wassu, Phonic Youth, and Axenity Debut Hypnotic ‘Solace’ EP

Wassu Phonic Youth Solace EP
Wassu Phonic Youth Solace EP

Colorize has a truly hypnotic release with all the stars are in the right place. The ‘Solace‘ EP is the result of Wassu, Phonic Youth, and Axenity working together with spiritual forces to create two transcendent songs that will put you in a state of pure aural bliss.

The first track is called “Solace,” and it’s a beautiful composition between Wassu and Axenity. Smooth pads and jumbled synths wrap you up in a warm hug right away. There is a smooth flow to the music that rises and falls with your breath. Phonic Youth’s sultry voices melt over the wavy basslines, making it sound like sirens are singing.

On the other side, “Clarity” brings Phonic Youth and Wassu back together for another magical journey. The Bay Area duo’s touching words and smooth production skills mix with Wassu’s love of deep rhythms and rich melodies. The end effect is a vortex of hallucinations that will turn your mind into a puddle of happiness.

Solace‘ is a beautiful journey into the deepest parts of melodic bass, from the opening swell of the heavens to the final sounds of happiness. Wassu, Phonic Youth, and Axenity have used all of their combined powers to make something truly amazing happen here.

Do yourself a favor and let “Solace” take over your mind. When you come out, you might be in a higher state of awareness, or at least have a huge amount of euphoric sound running through your body. No matter what, you’ll be thankful for the short break from the wild real world.