Ashley Paul drops Euphoric Summer Anthem “Hearts Up”

The tune features Luv Foundation (UK) production as well

Ashley Paul
Ashley Paul

Over 800,000 streams of “Bingo Baby” across all platforms in just one month after it was released. Now, the famous singer Ashley Paul has teamed up with Julian Napolitano and Mark Loverush to form Luv Foundation (UK). Their new song “Hearts Up” is an emotional summer anthem that will make you want to raise your hands.

Ashley Paul and the Luv Foundation (UK) have worked together many times before. It all started with “Love Light Me Up” in 2021. It was a happy vocal house track with Luv Foundation’s joyful production that showed off Paul’s strong vocals. They followed it up with the moving dance-pop song “Blindfolded” in 2022.

The last big hit they had was “Bingo Baby,” which came out just last month. With over 800,000 streams in less than a month, it showed how well Paul and the Luv Foundation pair work together musically. With catchy singing, a cool bassline, and an exciting drop, “Bingo Baby” became a fan favorite right away.

Not content to rest on their laurels, they quickly came back with “Hearts Up” and added the famous singer Lucas Marx to the group. It’s clear from the first kickbeat that the results are amazing.

Hearts Up” starts with a powerful four-on-the-floor house beat that sets the mood right away. As usual, Ashley Paul’s powerful vocals take center stage, with her deeply moving words and flawless delivery. Luv Foundation (UK) surrounds her beautiful voice with happy synths and melodic themes that make you eager for the big drop. After it finally starts, it sends a huge wave of positive energy that is impossible to avoid. Layers of happy chords, high-pitched vocals, and heavy bass make for a state of pure sonic ecstasy.

Feel-good, high-energy emotional vibes stay with the track for the rest of it, making it sure to become the biggest summer anthem at clubs and events all over the world. Paul’s beautiful topline holds down the soaring choruses with deep lyrics about keeping your heads up no matter what life throws at you in between the electric drops. Her heartfelt voice makes the message even stronger because it’s for everyone.

Listen to “Hearts Up” on SoundCloud right now.