GONE presents incredible revision of Billie Eilish’s ’Your Power’


Billie Eilish‘s legendary single Your Power has received a wonderful melodic techno remix by GONE.

It’s sexy, chill, and intimate, including cinematic lines and a feeling-good plucked arpeggio GONE remix of Your Power is revitalizing for your soul. Kicking off with the angelic vocal of Eilish, the clean and minimal beat flows through clean and well-defined harmonies that create a sort of ethereal aura around the song. GONE’s mastery in piano and percussions combines soaring arrangements and rhythmic velocity. Influenced by the “melodic techno” current, its analog sounds transport us to multiple universes ranging from suave and sexy pop to classical music inspirations.

Spamming across the web of multiple universes, GONE takes an elegant and refined approach to create the complex set of rhythmic patterns found within SOURCES. Dancing amongst genres and lightly acknowledging each, the EP stands as a testament to the synth-fuelled sounds and deep rolling basslines that drive many a listener into a vibrant haze. Organic fuelled electronica at its finest, SOURCES leaves the listener eager to hear more from the rising DJ.

GONE’s new melodic techno version of Billie Eilish‘s Your Power is out now on Soundcloud, below.