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Peggy Gou’s Gudu Label Announces “Gudu & Friends Vol. 2” Compilation

Gudu & Friends Vol. 2 features a batch of new faces to the label — Alinka, Gina Breeze, Jordan Nocturne (featuring Coco Cole), Minju and Nyra — alongside Hiver, Mogwaa, Dukwa and Matisa.

Since its inception in 2019, Peggy Gou‘s Gudu label has established itself as a truly international house for electronic music talent from around the world. The label’s latest release, Gudu & Friends Vol. 2, doubles down on that cosmopolitan ethos, compiling a wildly diverse array of artists from Korea, Italy, the US, and beyond.

The compilation is the second installment of Gudu‘s various artists series. It follows last year’s eclectic Gudu & Friends Vol. 1. This new edition sees familiar Gudu associates like Korean techno maverick Mogwaa, Italian house mavericks Hiver and Dukwa, and Gou’s fellow Blessing Recordings alumni Matisa return alongside a fresh crop of global voices.

Among the newcomers is Alinka, whose “Night Train” is a hypnotic late-night house roller. L.A.-based Jordan Nocturne links up with vocalist Coco Cole for the sultry deep house vibes of “Thrill of Desire.” Gina Breeze brings a skipping electro/UK funky fusion on “Rebound,” while Minju channels nostalgic ’90s piano house energy on “‘90s Street.”

The collection runs the gamut from the glacial, atmospheric techno of Mogwaa’s “Arctica” to Matisa’s sugary sweet house delight “Yummy.” Dukwa’s idiosyncratic “Coco” and Nyra’s dreamy “Every Night You” showcase the compilation’s more leftfield experimental sides.

Tying it all together is Seoul illustrator Jin Young Choi’s cover art reflecting the lunar year of the dragon. It’s a fitting symbol for the international, mythic journey the compilation takes across its multicultured tracks.

Gudu & Friends Vol. 2

Hiver – Drama

A tense, cinematic techno roller from the Italian producer, building an atmosphere of brooding suspense.

Alinka – Night Train

A late-night, hypnotic house groover with moody chords and rattling percussion evoking an after-hours journey.

Gina Breeze – Rebound

Rubbery basslines and skipping rhythms make this a snappy electro/UK funky fusion primed for the dancefloor.

Mogwaa – Arctica

The Korean producer crafts an icy, ethereal techno soundscape filled with glacial pads and muted percussion.

Dukwa – Coco

Funky, off-kilter rhythms and warbling synths come together in this idiosyncratic, adventurous house cut.

Matisa – Yummy

A sweet, sugary house delight from the Italian artist, with playful vocal samples and buoyant grooves.

Minju – ’90s Street

Retro breakbeats and irrepressible piano house vibes transport you to the golden era in this nostalgic stormer.

Jordan Nocturne (feat. Coco Cole) – Thrill of Desire

Breathy vocals and hypnotic deep house pulsations create a seductive, alluring after-hours ambiance.

Nyra – Every Night You

Skittering percussion and waves of atmospheric pads underpin this entrancing, dreamlike techno odyssey.

With Gudu & Friends Vol. 2 leading the way, Gou’s label is firing on all cylinders in 2024. They’ve already launched a new dancefloor-focused single series called Club Gudu, with Gudu’s eagerly anticipated debut album still to come later this year.

After establishing themselves as a vital launchpad for global underground talent, Gudu’s latest V/A is asolid evidence that their international outlook remains as vibrant and vital as ever.

Gudu & Friends Vol. 2 is out digitally and on limited cassette on May 2nd.