Deeparture debuts on Running Clouds with ‘Malfunction’

It's deep, mysterious and It's deep, mysterious and profound; including on the collection, ‘Malfunction’, ‘Stolen Headlights’ and an incredible Massano remix

Deeparture studio
Deeparture studio

Bringing his unique sound to Running Clouds, Deeparture makes his debut on the label with a 2-track EP Malfunction Stolen Headlights including a special Massano remix as well.

Kicking off slowly but introducing since the beginning ethereal and fragile vibes, Malfunction set the base for the EP. The plucked melodic lines collide with the hypnotic and soothing beats reaching the peak-time moment on the drop. The record features moments of lightheartedness that create a sort of contrast when the hard beat kicks in heavily.

On this disoriented feeling, Stolen Headlights kicks off. Melodic piano progression and dragged synth works create a surreal soundscape where different emotions clash together returning an incredible second drop. The track slows down, stop and start again with more energy for a rollercoaster of complex sensations.

Closing this wonderful EP, Massano shows up with one of his legendary remixes. Adding his unmistakable minimal and clean beat, he also adds bubbling percussions for a new layer of rhythm. Packed with mesmeric groove, the remix revisits the melodic arrangements with something even more profound and mysterious.

Malfunction Stolen Headlights showcase Deeparture’s stunning abilities; a true blend of the emotional and rhythmic content of progressive house, combined with high energy buildups and bass lines found in techier styles. With support on his productions by the likes of Joris Voorn, Eelke Kleijn, Lane 8, Karotte, Hernan Cattaneo, Guy Mantzur, and many others, the future looks promising for this aspiring DJ/producer.

Stream and download the three tracks here or below.