ARC Music Festival 2023: A Growing Spectacle of Music

ARC Music Festival 2023: Bigger, Bolder, and Better Than Ever

ARC Music Festival 2023 mainstage

ARC Music Festival 2023 came and conquered, leaving festival-goers with memories of electrifying music, incredible performances, and an overall unforgettable experience.

This year, the festival marked its third edition, and it was evident that ARC was continuing to thrive and reach a wider audience.

Growing Crowds and Stages

One of the first things you noticed this year was the substantial increase in attendance. All three days saw larger crowds than the previous year, a clear sign that ARC was gaining popularity and word was spreading about this musical extravaganza. As the day turned into night, each stage began to swell with eager fans, making it a bit challenging to secure prime viewing spots at The Grid and Expansions, especially during overlapping sets. However, navigating the festival grounds was still manageable, and the vibrant atmosphere added to the excitement.

Area 909: A Welcome Addition

A notable improvement this year was the Area 909 stage, nestled in the heart of the park amid the other stages. The addition of an elevated viewing area at the back and behind the DJ booth was a game-changer, providing festival-goers with a better vantage point to soak in the music and visuals.


The elrow stage continued to stand out from the rest, offering a unique and immersive experience. Its lively atmosphere and quirky vibes set it apart, making it a must-visit for anyone seeking something different from the typical festival stage.

The Grid: Enhancements and Holo’s Triumph

The Grid, the festival’s main stage, underwent significant improvements this year. The larger screens were a welcome addition, especially to accommodate the mesmerizing HOLO and Tale of Us visuals. Many were curious about how ARC would handle the much-anticipated HOLO show, and it’s safe to say they delivered with flying colors.

ARC Music Festival 2023 Peggy Gou
ARC Music Festival 2023 Peggy Gou

2023 Diverse Lineup

The lineup, as always, was stellar. It featured both familiar favorites and some hidden gems. Acts like Cristoph b2b Franky Wah, Boysnoize, Ame b2b Dixon, and Peggy Gou left a lasting impression on attendees.

However, having such a fantastic lineup did pose a delightful yet challenging dilemma – choosing which artist to see when multiple were performing simultaneously.

The Grand HOLO Moment

One of the festival’s standout moments was undoubtedly the HOLO performance in Chicago.

Eric Prydz’s HOLO project had been eagerly awaited by many, and ARC provided the perfect stage for its debut in the city. It was a surreal experience that exceeded expectations.

Local Love and Grand Closings

John Summit’s closing set on day two was special, both for ARC attendees and for him, as he hails from a Chicago suburb. The festival’s finale with Tale of Us was nothing short of perfect, leaving everyone on a musical high.

John Summit Live @ ARC Music Festival Chicago

Anticipation for the Future of ARC

Year after year, ARC has consistently delivered remarkable lineups. The anticipation for next year’s edition is already building, with fans eager to see how the festival will surpass itself once more. Although the festival ends early due to city restrictions, ARC thoughtfully offers a wide array of after-parties in about 10 venues across the city, ranging from intimate settings to grand productions.

ARC is The Ultimate Chicago-s Weekend

In summary, ARC Music Festival 2023 was another testament to its growing prominence on the festival circuit. The increased attendance may lead to exciting expansions in the future, perhaps even a larger venue to accommodate more music enthusiasts.

It’s a weekend that festival-goers eagerly anticipate each year, and it continues to deliver exceptional music experiences that leave a lasting impact. If you have any questions about other aspects of the festival, feel free to ask – ARC is an event worth celebrating and sharing!