Kölsch previews new album ‘I Talk To Water’ with upbeat tune ‘An Amazing’

The Dane's fifth album begins with an emotionally intense techno banger. Releasing in October

Kölsch, the Danish house and techno superstar, is back with a bang on the thrilling new single ‘An Amazing,’ available on September 15th via Kompakt.

An incredible,’ the opening track from Kölsch’s new album I Talk To Water, which will be released on October 27th, is an exhilarating uptempo groove adorned with gorgeous synth melodies and a delicate vocal line repeating the simple yet powerful primary hook: “you’re an amazing.” This boisterous, emotive smash is a tantalizing preview of Kölsch’s forthcoming album.

Kölsch’s I Talk To Water album tour date

Kölsch ‘An Amazing’ cover art
Kölsch ‘An Amazing’ cover art

Kölsch will celebrate the release of I Talk To Water with a global tour that will take him across Europe, South America, and the United States, as well as to festivals such as Tomorrowland Brazil, Art of the Wild, and Amsterdam ADE.

  • 23rd September – ROXY (Prague)
  • 24th September – Amnesia (Ibiza, Spain)
  • 30th September – Nordstern Basel (Switzerland)
  • 3rd October – Hafen 49 (Germany)
  • 5th October – Hï Ibiza – Afterlife Closing Party  (Ibiza, Spain)
  • 7th October – Art of the Wild (Las Vegas)
  • 12th October – Tomorrowland Brazil 2023
  • 14th October – Creamfields (Santiago)
  • 15th October – Primavera Flock (Argentina)
  • 20th October – Strafwerk ADE (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  • 22nd October – Awakenings ADE (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  • 27th October – Brooklyn Mirage (New York)
  • 28th October – M2 (Miami)
  • 24th November – The Church (Denver)
  • 25th November – Avalon (LA)
  • 2nd December – Fairground Fstvl (Hannover)
  • 16th December – Extrema Noir (Belgium)

The album I Talk To Water

I Talk To Water, Kölsch’s fifth album for Kompakt, is an intimate, deep-dive narrative that mixes themes of family and history while embracing the process of converting pain into comfort. The album’s core is inspired by Kölsch’s father, Patrick Reilly, who died in 2003.

Tracks like Grape, Tell Me, and It Ends Where It Began are all based on recordings made by Kölsch’s father, who was a touring musician in the 1960s and 1970s.

The tranquillity of this time, pieced together during the epidemic and its multiple lockdowns, caused Kölsch to dwell on his father’s death and how he could memorialize such a vital individual in his life.

I Talk To Water began to bloom after delving into a wave of nostalgic emotions. The recordings utilized in the project allowed Kölsch to meaningfully connect the past and present, allowing him to create his most personal body of work to date.

About the artist: Kölsch

Kölsch, full name Rune Reilly Klsch, is a Danish house and techno producer who has sold millions of records worldwide. In the 2010s, he began producing multiple volumes of Kompakt’s Speicher series, as well as the critically praised album trilogy 1977, 1983, and 1989, which continued his heritage of genre-defining cuts.

Grey, a 1989 megahit, has received a whopping 49 million Spotify streams. Later in the decade, he established his own Ipso label and collaborated with Michael Mayer, Tiga, and Sasha, as well as releasing a continuous mix of original material on Fabric in 2019. Now Here No Where (2020), a lushly orchestrated work, marked his return to Kompakt.

With Kölsch’s full-length album I Talk To Water due out on October 27th, ‘An Amazing’ whets the appetite for fans of his melodic, emotionally driven techno.