KIDSØ Drops New Single ‘Freya’ via Embassy One

KIDSØ just dropped their newest single, titled “Freya.” The song is full of pulsating electronic beats, organic noises, live percussion, and a wistful voice that harkens back to the sound that distinguished their debut EP “Apart” or hits like “Father” and “Finja.”

Exciting times were had by the band as they were working on the “Freya” track. Following a period in which the pace of the music was slowed down with tracks such as “Breathing” or “Fir” during the pandemic, the new single features an appealing electronic drive, a powerful beat, and an analog synth feel.

Additionally, the pair is ecstatic to announce that they have partnered with Embassy One (who have previously worked with Monolink, Bjork, and Moby), who will be publishing “Freya.” The two members of the band have reached a new level of success thanks to the fruition of their relationship, which has afforded them additional chances to display their skills and originality. “Freya” is a song that those who enjoy electronic music won’t want to pass up on hearing!

About the artist: KIDSØ

KIDSØ is a pair that makes electronic music and hails from the region of Germany known as the south. Moritz Grassinger and Martin Schneider are responsible for forming the band in Munich in 2017, and ever since then, they have been presenting a one-of-a-kind blend of rhythmic, melodic, and experimental electronic music that has a touch of the north.

KIDSØ are now back with a new sound that is even more electronic and more driving than their earlier tracks, which were displayed on the debut album “Fir” in 2022. This new sound comes after the band’s successful partnership with Natascha Polké on their most recent release.

In addition to the release of their thrilling new music, KIDSØ have just announced that they have acquired a recording contract with the record label Embassy One. Embassy One is home to internationally acclaimed musicians such as Monolink and Moby. The band has reached an important new milestone as a result of their relationship.

Fans will be able to experience a one-of-a-kind live performance by KIDSØ as the band continues their tour around Europe. The show will feature a large number of live instruments, including drums, guitar, and various synthesizers. The live performances of the band are distinguished by improvisation on the spot, infectious rhythms, and engaging visuals, which combine to produce an immersive experience.