Argy & Omnya Remixes Monolink ‘Laura’


After the release of Monolink‘s critically acclaimed sophomore album Under Darkening Skies in 2021, the world-famous producer and solo live act now invites two of the underground circuit’s most authentic voices, ARGY and Omnya, to deliver an emphatic new remix for the long-player’s opening track Laura.

Monolink’s Under Darkening Skies has received widespread acclaim since its release. Omnya, a recently formed band, makes its debut with this release, which is issued by the highly regarded Berlin-based imprint Embassy One.

Monolink ‘Laura’ Argy & Omnya Remix

Laura, one of the album’s twelve outstanding vocal-led performances, acted as an emotional precursor to the thought-provoking and pensive opus that is Under The Darkening Skies. The song was one of twelve vocal-led offerings on the record.

The indie dance track featured vocals from Monolink himself, and it, along with the succeeding cuts on the album, revealed a truly avant-garde character that designated the album as Monolink’s most daring and complex body of work to date.

The refined and cinematic original was produced by Monolink, and ARGY and Omnya’s rework takes it into a realm of dark melodic techno that is ideal to late-night listening. This rework is currently available on all streaming platforms.

An anthemic jewel that is both dance-inducing and peaceful in nature has been crafted by the duo through the utilization of strongly resonating percussive work and lengthy reflective breaks in the performance.

The most recent release from ARGY and Omnya is a remix effort that is a masterclass, and it opens Laura‘s influence to new audiences while remaining tethered to the foundations of its original counterpart through tone and narrative.

About the artist: Argy

Throughout the almost twenty years of his career, ARGY has been a significant contributor to the development of the melodic techno genre, and his influence has been felt far and wide as a result. The prolific Greek artist’s musical production is accepted throughout both the underground and mainstream sectors since it exists above the idea of genres or trends.

This trait has undoubtedly contributed to the length and success of his career.

ARGY has held significant Ibiza residencies at clubs including Amnesia, DC10, Hi Ibiza, Destino, and Pacha, in addition to a yearly residency for Moni Mykonos, which is one of the most talked-about connoisseurs’ hangout locations on the island. He is equally regarded for his track selection and mixing ability.