KILL SCRIPT returns on Night Mode with ’FIRST CONTAKT EP‘

The EP showcases KILL SCRIPT's industrial and dark bigroom underground sound that's tethered to his sci-fi aesthetic


Having debuted on the label back in 2020, KILL SCRIPT returns on Night Mode and presents his new 2-track underground-techno EP, FIRST CONTAKT.

Kicking off with CONTAKTKILL SCRIPT already makes it clear his intentions. The big and heavy beats that merge with the obscure bassline and the intricate synth-work create the perfect environment to get lost in with the music. The main theme progression brings the tension to its maximum peak to be released in the dark and fat drop. CONTAKT brings with it a sense of euphoria and melancholy at the same time.

The EP evolves in GRIEVE where more intimate sounds flow together with an angelic and mystical female vocal. The mysterious arpeggio and the hypnotic theme create a feeling of abandonment. The non-stop percussive ryhtyhm and soothing harmonies describe an inaccessible soundscape, hanged between reality and illusion.

GRIEVE lights the path of the long journey ahead to figure out who sent first contact and why they are trying to reach out now. There is always light at the end of the tunnel for whatever we may be going through and even if it seems to dark and too far away, we just have to have the determination to break through. – KILL SCRIPT

KILL SCRIPT’s industrial and dark bigroom underground sound, which is tethered to his sci-fi aesthetic, is showcased on this FIRST CONTAKT EP. The two tracks are now available via Night Mode Records from this link or below.

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