Martin Garrix Ytram
Martin Garrix Ytram

Martin Garrix underground alias Ytram is back with ‘Alive’ ft. Citadelle

From the mainstream to the underground, Martin Garrix continues to showcase his incredible dynamicity as a music producer

A 360° music producer, Dutch legend Martin Garrix returns on the underground field with Alivehis brand new single under Ytram alias together with Citadelle.

Since awakening his alias Ytram for the first release this year, Martin Garrix has been on a roll with the musical output from his moniker. Just in time for the end of the year, he releases ‘Alive’. The track sees him team up with Citadelle, a brand new DJ duo from France. Their sound perfectly fits the deeper output Ytram has been showcasing throughout the year.

This is something more experimental from me but I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! – Martin Garrix

The rise of melodic techno sounds has been a sure thing between 2019 and 2020, bringing fans and artists to grapple with these relatively new sounds. Ytram and Citadelle Alive is the exact proof of this new wave with minimal beats, ethereal melodies, and cinematic themes.

Kicking off with a minimal and simple synth-melody that reminds a lot of Garrix’s main signature sound but with a more soft touch, the intimate and faithful vibes flow through a wide and tick baseline. Hypnotic and soothing lines move alongside mysterious percussions to emerge on a deep and underground-driven second drop.

Having relaunched his Ytram alias this year, Martin Garrix has started to experiment public with new sounds. From the feeling-good bass house beats of Make You Mine to the melodic-deep house arpeggios of Fire of Elderbrook, the Dutch legend has shown once again his dynamicity when it comes to releasing new music.

We have also been informed that this is just the beginning; keep an eye out for more exciting news from Garrix in 2021 as he is gearing up for some serious announcements.

Out now on Martin Garrix STMPD Records, Ytram and Citadelle Alive is available worldwide here or below. Enjoy the stunning music video as well.

Ytram & Citadelle - Alive (Official Video) @Ytram