Banyan Breathes New Life Into Modera’s “From Walks Of Life”


The American duo Banyan have taken on remix duties for “From Walks Of Life” by Modera and Phoebe Tsen. They delivered a stunning break rework that injects the emotive original with dancefloor vitality.

The title track from Modera’s excellent debut album of the same name, “From Walks Of Life” saw the Seattle duo blend organic and electronic elements into an enveloping downtempo soundscape. Phoebe Tsen’s ethereal vocals soared over lush pads and skittering rhythms, creating an introspective and melancholy vibe.

On their remix, Banyan retains the emotional heart of the original while transporting it into the club realm. They strip back the lush production to its core elements – Tsen’s vocal hooks and a bubbling bassline – and construct a propulsive breaks groove around them. Crisp drum hits and stuttering percussion interlock in an insistent rhythm tailored for peak-time play.

What’s most impressive is how they manage to enhance the urgency and energy without losing the dreamy atmosphere. Slivers of the original ambient swells and melodic refrains weave in and out, adding color and nuance to the driving cadence. Tsen’s melancholic tones provide the perfect counterweight to the frenetic rhythmic march.

It’s a masterful rework that reimagines “From Walks Of Life” from a completely new angle while retaining its essence. Banyan stretches the emotional core over a kinetic dancefloor framework, proving the versatility of Modera’s compositions. An inspired take that will breathe new life into the track on dance floors everywhere.