Nari drops radio-friendly hit ‘Eternal’ on EGO, packed with two impressive remixes

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]nari eternal Game Over Djs remixItalian House veteran Nari – former member of the Nari & Milani duo – has released a beautifully crafted track, called ‘Eternal’ on EGO, one of the most influential labels of the peninsula.

Shaped around a beautiful, catchy female vocal, which fuses perfectly with the midtempo structure and the relaxing atmosphere of the instrumental, ‘Ethernal’ is supposed to relax your mind after an intense day of work.

Nari’s single ‘Eternal’ on EGO receives heavy and dark progressive remix by Game Over Djs.

Accompanying this radio-friendly track are a couple of club-ish remixes from two rampant compatriot acts: Game Over Djs and Juro. The Rimini-based duo, known in the scene for their heavy and dark progressive sounds, delivered a sample of their signature style with a ground-shaking tech-prog rendition; Juro, who already collaborated with Nari’s ex-partner Milani on ‘Groovers’”, has given birth to an old-school electro-groove edit of the original.