Labo T founder Teho presents ‘Dark Matter’ from his upcoming album


Labo T head honcho Teho drops the last single from his upcoming album, Dark Matter.

Having built a name in the techno music industry, Teho is ready to release his second studio album, Infinity. After having revealed to the world he was working on his second studio album back in 2021, Teho is back with the last installment, Dark Matter. The tune comes after Stern and it marks the last drop from his upcoming album.

Starting straight to the point on the first part of the track with some heavy stretched sounds and a techno vibe in the background, Teho builds tension until everything comes to a halt and the break appears. The chords are then released, along with the main melody, as everything rises until the drop. Teho returns to his roots with Dark Matter, operating his new skills; this track is the result of his many years of experience.

Teho has found his place in the electronic music scene, with millions of plays on his tracks and performances all over the world. He succeeded in combining different musical genres to create his hybrid and melodic techno, almost electronica, with his own musical universe that is both dreamy and melancholic, but also full of energy.

Teho’s latest single, Dark Matter is out now via Labo T and it’s the latest release before the drop of his upcoming album Infinity.