Tube & Berger
Tube & Berger

Tube & Berger x RBBN Unveil “Fade Away”

After a prolonged hiatus, the dynamic duo and label owners, Tube & Berger, have made an electrifying return to the music scene. Their latest creation, “Fade Away,” in collaboration with RBBN, is set to dominate the dance floors and ignite the party spirit that has been craving its release for almost a year.

This new track marks a triumphant re-entry for Tube & Berger on Kittball Records, and it’s clear that the wait was well worth it.

Fade Away” is more than just a song; it’s a sonic journey that encapsulates the essence of the dance music culture. Tube & Berger’s partnership with RBBN has resulted in a gritty and highly addictive track that effortlessly captures the attention of anyone within earshot.

This collaboration fuses the individual strengths of both artists, resulting in a powerful and dynamic tune that’s primed to set dance floors ablaze.

About the tune Fade Away

At the core of “Fade Away” is an irresistible combination of elements that enthrall listeners from the very first beat. The incoming vocals serve as a hypnotic invitation, drawing dancers onto the floor with an irresistible allure. Complementing this are the driving basslines that pulse through the track, creating an undeniably groovy foundation that keeps feet moving and bodies swaying.

Enhancing the rhythmic momentum are the catchy percussions that inject an extra layer of energy into “Fade Away.” These percussive elements give the track its distinct character and contribute to its infectious nature. But the magic truly happens during the track’s break. A moment of respite amid the dance frenzy, this break is a testament to Tube & Berger and RBBN’s production prowess. It’s a break that’s not just about catching a breath; it’s about building anticipation for the climax that’s about to erupt.

Fade Away” encapsulates those nights where the music takes over and the world around us fades into the background. It’s a soundtrack to moments when inhibitions are cast aside, and the only thing that matters is the pulsating rhythm that connects us all. Whether in intimate underground venues or sprawling festival stages, this track’s allure is universal.