Two Turntables’ EP ‘Music Freak / Game Changer’

A Sonic Journey for Underground Bass Dancefloors

Two Turntables
Two Turntables

Two Turntables emerges with their electrifying 2-track EP, ‘Music Freak / Game Changer.’ This dynamic trio of Producers/DJs has unleashed a mesmerizing sonic experience that will leave you yearning for the pulsating rhythms of the underground.

Unveiling ‘Music Freak’

The EP kicks off with ‘Music Freak,’ a track that wastes no time in immersing you in its hypnotic world. It’s a relentless, energetic creation that beckons you to the dancefloor. The analog studio magic has conjured massive basslines, imbued with spacey synths and electrifying acid sounds. As you surrender to the groove, non-stop breakbeat percussions and down-tempo drums take control. A mysterious synth line weaves through the sonic landscape, creating an air of intrigue.

And just when you think you’ve settled into the groove, a hypnotic vocal emerges, drawing you deeper into the labyrinth of sound. ‘Music Freak‘ is a relentless journey into the heart of the underground, a track that refuses to let you go, leaving you craving for more.

Diving into ‘Game Changer’

As the EP unfolds, ‘Game Changer‘ takes the reins and leads us into a deeper, darker dimension. With haunting acid strings and relentless techno beats, this track is a testament to Two Turntables’ versatility.

The wide baseline grips you, and the non-stop percussions keep you moving to the relentless rhythm. ‘Game Changer‘ is a sonic odyssey that explores the depths of the underground with unyielding determination.

A Glimpse into Two Turntables

Two Turntables, a trio of Producers/DJs, are purveyors of the underground sound of the ’90s, drawing inspiration from the realms of acid, jungle, drum and bass, and techno. Their project, born in 2021, is an unapologetic celebration of bass music, capturing the essence of a bygone era while pushing the boundaries of sonic exploration.

What sets Two Turntables apart is their commitment to authenticity. In an era of digital dominance, they proudly incorporate turntables into their productions, ensuring that at least one element in every track has been crafted using these analog marvels. It’s a testament to their dedication to the craft and their unwavering love for the underground.