What Music Should Shop Owner Play in Vape Shop?

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The question of what music should shop owners play in vape shops has no straightforward answer. No doubt, a good music playlist has the potential to drive the customer more strongly toward purchasing vaping devices. Suppose you want to stand out, plus interested in increasing productivity. Create a difference by playing an enjoyable and attractive music playlist that is missing in other vape smoke shops. Remember, the first impression is the last; maybe you are thinking, how? Alright! Suppose a customer enters your vape shop with purchasing intent or somewhat for other manifold reasons. Unluckily, uncomfortable and noisy music hits shoppers’ minds, and instead of exploring the option of vapes, dabbing in accessories and talking to your staff. They quickly back off and won’t come again.

This article would solve the tricky problem you face daily as a shop owner what kind of music you should play in the vapor shop. Don’t miss out! Because we are here with top vaping songs playlist that will encourage buying and not let your shoppers back off. Let’s see what a vapor shop is? And how does a music playlist affect the selling potential of vaping products?

What are Vape Shops?

Vape shops are retail outlets and convenience stores that sell huge collections of e-juice, vape pens, and other accessories for vaping. They are sometimes also called vape stores, or vapor shops. Not to mention the numberless online vape shops that supply vaping devices, but how do you determine which vapor shop is reliable? Call to mind; a good vape store offers various flavors, disposable vapes, vape pens, box mods, etc. The faint aroma of the vape juice flavors in the vapor shop could be a sensory experience for customers to watch the bright lights and fully stacked shelves of smooth products.

How To Find The Right Vaping Song Playlist For Vapor Shop?

We all accept as true that vaping gets better with enjoyable beats. Similarly, finding the right playlist for vaping stores is not easy as breezing because every user has a different music taste. Some prefer hip-hop songs while others like relaxing and cheering songs. Testing the playlist is the perfect formula to identify which music shoppers enjoy and perform well. In addition, keep playing the same music for a couple of days or a week. Notice vapers and buyers’ reactions, how this specific playlist is performing, and watch the sale factor closely to see whether results are getting better or making the situation worse. Keep switching the top vaping songs list unless things start improving in the way you want. Anyhow, it would be best if you considered the intention of the customer and why he is there at your vapor store. Either shopper wants to buy or looking for guidance and information related to vaping. You’ll get to know what your buyers demand as a shop owner in one step.

7 Reasons Why A Shop Owner Should Play Music In Vape Shop


Here are seven reasons why a shop owner should play music in a vape shop. It helps define the vaping brand image, increase revenue and engross the customer. Research unveils that people love visiting stores and staying longer when playing music rather than silent ones. Either the right melody with the right volume has the power to create a welcoming environment in vape stores.

  1. Control pace
  2. Increase revenue
  3. Provide private space
  4. Condense waiting time
  5. Distinguish your brand
  6. Build a friendly atmosphere
  7. Reassure shoppers to purchase

Music Playlist Ideas for Vape Shops

Let’s provide an excellent experience to your shoppers with this magical top-ranking vaping music playlist notion. Let’s rock your customer with favorite mixed beats that will beautifully shift them to a peaceful and comfortable zone. Here are some ideas for a vape shop music playlist. These songs are in trend and perfect for vaping and being played as chilling background music for shoppers. However, enjoyable music lifts the spirit and fades away the down feelings in short vaping theme music, which are cool for vapers and customers who enter a vapor shop. Here we have the best melody tracks of mixed evergreen music genres.


Whoopty vaping song is the creation of CJ, who is a new artist in the hip-hop industry. It got the attention of millions of people with its single super hit song— Fast and soothing lyrics with deep bass that is ideal for creating a dreamland for vapers and shoppers.


Another imaginary song that should the shop owner play is Reverse. Piano and hypnotic beats won’t let the customer go without purchasing vapes. Vic Mensa has fully shown off his rapping skills, while G-Eazy in breeze song brought the heat by well playing the “white rapper” character.

Misty Morning

Misty Morning lyrics are worth listening being pretty deep. Fairy sweet voice of Bob Marley thrives a good vibe for vapers and whim the listener to focus on the song’s lyrics.

Vapor Trails

The “Ride” is a famous English band that featured a Vapor trails song known as an amusing alt-rock music track. The calm instrumentals background sound conveys happiness and brings a smile to the face with its thrilling lyrics.

The Buzz

Hermitude’s song The buzz gives a good hit & electronic feel to the vapers. In addition, bass drops make this music track the “highest-charting” song that is fantasy and cools for all listeners.

Green Grass Vapors

Angie Stone’s song grass vapor is ideal who want a relaxing rhythm instead of hip-hop. Its lyrics are all about vaping & smoking enough to set someone’s mood for vaping.

44 BullDog

Pop Smoke sang the song 44 BullDog, one of the iconic songs, with a deep voice and rhythmic beats.

Writing On The Wall

Make the session and vape store more heartening with French Montana music. This song has spellbinding reggae beats and comforting lyrics that suit your vapor shop theme and vapers.

Another Vaping Hit Music Playlist

G Eazy – No limit

Rae Sremmurd – Powerglide

Dexter Gordon – Cheese Cake

Miles Davis – Blue In Green

Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb

Wrapping Up

Many research results have shown wrong music choices negatively influence shoppers’ physical pace, mood, and behavior. When shop owners play a soothing music playlist in their vape stores, buyers enjoy and feel comfortable talking and vaping because playing comfortable music will put the customers in a good mood and build a friendly atmosphere. Now try the recommended music to play in your vape shop.