Adana Twins return to TAU with ‘Snake Ritual’

Adana Twins
Adana Twins

The label heads of TAU haven’t released anything on their own platform in a while, but this one was worth the wait, we promise. Following standout releases on the likes of Innervisions and Watergate Records (to name a few) already this year, Adana Twins now return to Planet TAU with a total dance floor bomb, ‘Snake Ritual’.

It’s time for the track to have its official release because this cut has been making waves everywhere it is played. This song’s meticulous attention to detail will immediately catch your attention. The drums are expertly layered and have just the right amount of vigor and pump to create hypnotic energy. Up until the mesmerizing main riff enters shortly after the two minutes and thirty second mark, they keep the low end simple but deadly. When this happens, the dance floor comes alive, and the earworm melody infects your brain, making you want to move wildly and express yourself.

After testing and performing countless tracks while touring the world for years on end, Adana Twins have amassed an uncanny understanding of the dance floor. ‘Snake Ritual’ draws on their intuitive knowledge of the club and creates an explosive breakdown in a mystical, hypnotic atmosphere. It’s good to have the bosses back, at their finest.

Snake Ritual by the Adana Twins is available right now on TAU