Innellea presents 4-track ‘Hypolation’ EP on TAU

The whole EP is a continues exploration of Innellea's sound, moving between gloomy and atmospheric sounds to exotic elements.


Innellea (our interview) has been a central figure of the prestigious German label since its origin, as one of TAU‘s core family members and an artist who they discovered and nurtured from the start. The in-demand Munich-based producer returns to the label with his stunning four-part Hypolation EP, after launching the imprint with his Nautilus EP in August 2018 and a handful of notable releases since then.

It’s been incredible to watch Innellea grow and succeed over the last few years, with labels like Innervisions, Diynamic, and Afterlife taking notice of his music. Now he’s back with TAU, releasing a four-track EP that showcases his melodic, unique approach to electronic music. The Hypolation EP is a significant step forward for this artist, who continues to dazzle with his production abilities.

The four-track EP

Returning Spaces is the first track, and it begins with a gloomy atmosphere, stuttered beats, and rumbling bass. While the instrumental becomes increasingly emotive, Innellea builds up the tension to great effect with hushed vocals weaving an emotional story. This one runs at just over three minutes, but it packs plenty of feeling into that time.

Hypolation, the album’s title track, demonstrates Innellea’s ability to inject raw emotion into his dance-floor compositions. Myriad layers buzz and swirl around each other from the start, creating an illuminating atmosphere. You’re locked in within seconds, riding the wavelengths until the dramatic breakdown. Innellea teases the main riff back in with dexterity, and we’re immersed in the second half of the cut, which maintains its adventurous spirit.

Innellea’s love for making music could be described as Pathological Passion, which is also the title of this record. This one starts out steady, then transitions into a solemn, melancholy melody. The core, which is emotionally driven, gradually unfolds to become all-encompassing. Innellea really tells a story with this cut, switching things up around the two-minute mark, before the energy of the first half returns in abundance.

Finally, with Arabian rhythms and instrumentation, The Arrival transports us to the mystical depths of the Middle East. We’re led into more exotic programming by a euphoric, trance-like breakdown. It’s warm, energizing and life-affirming; a perfect demonstration of Innellea’s versatility and desire to channel a range of influences into his productions.

Stream and download the full EP here.