Brussels Airlines and Tomorrowland present new Airbus A320neo ‘Amare’

Unveiling of Brussels Airlines' new Airbus A320neo 'Amare' aircraft for Tomorrowland flights with augmented reality design and environmental initiatives.

Brussels Airlines and Tomorrowland new Airbus A320neo ‘Amare’ full aircraft
Brussels Airlines and Tomorrowland new Airbus A320neo ‘Amare’ full aircraft

Brussels Airlines and Tomorrowland are proud to show “Amare“, the brand-new, carefully painted Airbus A320neo. More work is also being done by both companies to make the Tomorrowland flights more environmentally friendly. As of April 26, 2024, Amare will not only take festivalgoers to Tomorrowland, but it will also run regular trips.

Since 2012

Tomorrowland and Brussels Airlines have agreed to work together again until 2028. The Belgian airline is proud to have worked with Tomorrowland since 2012, bringing tens of thousands of festival-goers to Belgium every summer.

Brussels Airlines and Tomorrowland new Airbus A320neo ‘Amare’ front view
Brussels Airlines and Tomorrowland new Airbus A320neo ‘Amare’ front view

The collaboration between the two companies seemed natural. They share the same ideals, such as a desire to see the world, bring different cultures together, and protect the environment.

Almost 47,000 festival-goers will get to Tomorrowland Belgium this summer through the one-of-a-kind Global Journey travel packages. It includes tickets to the festival, lodging (DreamVille, B&B, hotel), and all forms of transportation (flight, bus, train). A Global Journey plan with a flight was booked by about 14,500 festival-goers. Over the two weekends, there will be about 165 different planes from all over the world.

Amare goes all over the world: the story

Some of Tomorrowland’s most important values are shown by Amare: love, friendship, and unity. Amare comes to life in “Adscendo,” both in the book and on stage. She also has a big part in Tomorrowland’s future fantasy books. Paperworld is the magical parallel spectrum that links the different Tomorrowland worlds. Amare is the only one in the Tomorrowland Universe who can go between them.

If you think about it this way, Amare was seen as if the magical bird were flying through the “spectrum of space,” making him fade out toward the back. This also gives the impression of faster movement and makes the plane even more lively. The new design also gives off a lot of magic power through energy lines and particles that move in the direction of motion. This is meant to emphasize that Amare is a magical being who is always moving to bring people together.

Airbus A320neo ‘Amare’ Ceremony
Airbus A320neo ‘Amare’ Ceremony

The first Airbus A320neo with augmented reality

The Amare is the first plane to have augmented reality on its paint job. The creature comes to life when scanned on certain social media sites, like Instagram and TikTok. This feature gives the People of Tomorrow a first look at the story behind the famous and mythical bird Amare.

A lot of care went into designing this livery, from the feathers on the bird to the sparkles of the fireworks that led to the Brussels Airlines name. The whole process took about 15 months.

Of course, the Tomorrowland experience will continue inside the plane, where people can enjoy the great sound system and mood lighting.

Environmentally friendly jet fuel and green fares

Brussels Airlines and Tomorrowland both want to leave less of an impact on the earth and are doing what they can to do so. Each partner is aware of how they affect the world and has been working for a few years to lessen it.

The new Amare is the second brand-new A320neo that Brussels Airlines has bought. It joined its fleet in December 2023. The neo makes up to 20% less noise and up to 50% less CO2 than the ones that came before it. So, the new Amare is a real example of how Brussels Airlines and Tomorrowland are trying to be better for the environment.

Brussels Airlines and Tomorrowland new Airbus A320neo ‘Amare’ back view
Brussels Airlines and Tomorrowland new Airbus A320neo ‘Amare’ back view

Also, starting now, all Global Journey Packages that Brussels Airlines and Tomorrowland sell together will be “Green Fares.” These fare types make up for the pollution caused by flights by using 20% more sustainable fuel and putting 80% of the money into high-quality programs that lower CO2 levels.

On top of that, Tomorrowland and Brussels Airlines agreed to buy SAF in order to make up for the carbon emissions from all the party trips that will be planned.