Mind Against present HABITAT's Metaflora II
Mind Against present HABITAT's Metaflora II

Mind Against present HABITAT’s Metaflora II

An Audacious Expedition into Melodic Techno's Frontiers: Metaflora II

With the release of Metaflora II, their second selection of music from different artists, HABITAT has solidified its position as a bold leader on the cutting edge of melodic techno. The well-known duo Mind Against started this growing label, which has become a safe place for artists who aren’t afraid to break the rules and question expectations.

Metaflora II is a bold journey into the uncharted territories of melodic techno. It lasts almost two and a half hours and has 24 immersive songs. From the first track on the album, it’s clear that this isn’t just a rehash of old material. The appropriately named “FLORAL,” a partnership between Mind Against and the rising German producer CAY, sets the mood with its large-scale, cinematic grandeur. It’s an epic beginning that perfectly captures the Mind Against sound.

We hear and see a huge variety of voices and images as we go deeper into Metaflora II‘s soundscape. There are both well-known artists and up-and-coming ones, and each brings something different to the ever-changing world of rhythmic techno.

The dark intensity of Sideral‘s “Skyfall” is a big change from his usual introspective work and a nod to his Bastinov roots. He is known as the “prince” of the HABITAT world. This big change in tone is reflected in “She Likes” by Italian rising star Dyzen. The track’s flirtation with the increasingly popular Afro-melodic house sphere gives it a cool, bittersweet groove that is boosted by emotional piano chords.

If you’re looking for more subtle pleasures, “Selfless Love” by Able To Resist is a delightfully simple but instantly remembered gem. Its irresistible melody seeps into your mind without any effort. Toto Chiavetta‘s “Heiwa,” on the other hand, takes the listener to faraway, peaceful places, its dreamlike sounds making them think of peaceful ocean evenings.

But the more experimental tracks on the album really show how fearless HABITAT is when it comes to trying new things. Upercent‘s “Especisme” is a dizzying fall into the abstract. It’s a piece that seems to be challenging to understand at every turn. When we think we understand how it works, all of a sudden the ground moves under our feet, throwing us into a world of confusing noise. This music is a direct middle finger to common ideas about what “dancefloor” music should sound like. It’s a subversive treat for people who enjoy sonic chaos.

Metaflora II‘s predecessor relied heavily on well-known artists to provide a strong base for the new label, but this latest release opens the door to a lot more possibilities. Sebra Cruz, whose unique styles under DJ Tennis’s Life & Death banner have won him a devoted cult following, works with new artists like Ae:ther and Beswerda.

In the end, this huge work turns into an inspiring manifesto—a brave statement of rhythmic techno’s endless possibilities. Metaflora II, like its parent imprint, is not just a collection of songs; it is a rallying cry for artists to freely use their own unique artistic voices.

Does the album really offer “pioneering” or “transcendental” sounds, as the people who put it together might say? Maybe not. But that wasn’t the point. HABITAT has instead invited everyone to join them in rethinking melodic techno as an open territory ready to be explored bravely.

The avant-garde has gained a place in the mainstream with Metaflora II. For people who are sick of melodic techno’s formulas getting tighter and tighter, this huge patchwork quilt of abstract wonders is a breath of fresh air and a brave first step into the great wide open.