A girl dancing to the Best Techno Parties during Miami Music Week 2024
A girl dancing to the Best Techno Parties during Miami Music Week 2024

5 Best Techno Parties during Miami Music Week (MMW) 2024

The second annual edition of RESISTANCE Miami Music Week will feature headliners like Eric Prydz, Joris Voorn, Amelie Lens, Reinier Zonneveld, and ARTBAT

Miami Music Week (MMW) is upon us once again! The city is pulsating with the beats of underground electronic music. For underground and techno lovers like us, finding the best techno parties during Miami Music Week is not an easy task.

This year, one series of events stands out for its dedication to the raw, unadulterated sounds of techno: RESISTANCE.

ULTRA Worldwide’s esteemed underground series has become synonymous with cutting-edge electronic music experiences, and this year’s edition promises to be no exception.

RESISTANCE Miami Music Week is back for a second year and will continue its famous U.S. club residency at M2 Miami.

Finally, RESISTANCE will turn M2 into a place where dance purists and house fans can enjoy themselves from March 20th to March 24th.

RESISTANCE has always been the heart of underground music during Miami Music Week. For istane, artists like Carl Cox, Adam Beyer, Charlotte de Witte, Enrico Sangiuliano, Eric Prydz, and more have played in the past editions.

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Wednesday, March 20: MMW Opening Party – Filth on Acid Showcase hosted by Reinier Zonneveld (live)

  • Hosted by Reinier Zonneveld (live)
  • Additional performances from:
    • Oliver Heldens’ techno alias HI-LO b2b Reinier Zonneveld
    • Space 92 b2b Reinier Zonneveld
    • HI-LO b2b Space 92
    • Joyhauser

The MMW Opening Party on March 20 will kick off the second annual RESISTANCE Miami Music Week. It will be a tour de force of house and techno music. The first party will be a showcase for the Filth on Acid label. It will include a special live set from the label’s boss, Reinier Zonneveld. There will also be three very rare back-to-back shows that night: Oliver Heldens‘ techno alter ego HI-LO b2b Reinier Zonneveld, the groundbreaking French producer Space 92 b2b Reinier Zonneveld, and HI-LO b2b Space 92. The Belgian techno band Joyhauser is also going to play.

MMW Opening Party - Filth on Acid Showcase hosted by Reinier Zonneveld
MMW Opening Party – Filth on Acid Showcase hosted by Reinier Zonneveld

Thursday, March 21: Joris Voorn presents Spectrum

Additional performances from:

  • Argy
  • Yotto

Dutch artist Joris Voorn will host his “Joris Voorn presents Spectrum” show at RESISTANCE Miami Music Week on Thursday, March 21. This comes after the radio show/event series’ amazing performance at Ultra Music Festival 2023. Greek techno rebel Argy, Finnish progressive house giant Yotto, and Polish singer GIGEE will all be playing with Voorn.

Joris Voorn presents Spectrum
Joris Voorn presents Spectrum

Friday, March 22: ARTBAT

Additional performances from:

  • Miss Monique
  • Kasia
  • Sevenn

On March 22, Ukrainian techno artists ARTBAT and Miss Monique will play their first sets at the RESISTANCE Miami club residency. Polish techno artist Kasia and American techno artist Sevenn will also play sets.


Saturday, March 23: Amelie Lens

Additional performances from:

  • Anfisa Letyago
  • Pan-Pot
  • Vikthor

On Saturday, March 23, Amelie Lens will have her first solo show at her new RESISTANCE Miami club residency. Along with the Belgian techno queen, RESISTANCE Miami veterans Anfisa Letyago and Berlin-based underground band Pan-Pot will be playing. Italian act Vikthor will also be playing their first set at RESISTANCE Miami.

Amelie Lens
Amelie Lens

Sunday, March 24: Official Miami Music Week Closing Party

  • Headlined by Eric Prydz
  • Additional performances from:
    • Kölsch
    • Cristoph
    • Øostil

Last but not least, Sunday, March 24, is the last day of Miami Music Week. The Official Miami Music Week Closing Party will be held that night, and Swedish DJ Eric Prydz will be the main act. On Sunday, Danish artist Kolsch, UK progressive house master Cristoph, and Argentinian underground act Øostil will all play sets, ending Miami Music Week 2024 with a sonic clinic of house and techno sounds that will get people moving.

Official Miami Music Week Closing Party
Official Miami Music Week Closing Party

Along with announcing its Miami Music Week schedule, RESISTANCE Miami recently said it would be returning to M2 in May for the second annual Race Week event, which will feature Carl Cox as the main act on Friday, May 3.

ULTRA Worldwide’s underground series RESISTANCE is the most international house and techno festival name. The dance institution has taken over 35 cities around the world, done tours in Latin America and Asia, and has a residency in Ibiza at the world’s biggest nightclub, Privilege.

Now, they’re moving to M2 Miami in Miami Beach, where dancefloor fans can enjoy RESISTANCE’s signature stadium-smashing production in a more intimate, sultry club setting.

Tickets for RESISTANCE M2 Miami Residency.