Coachella’s New Pool Party: Goldenvoice Surf Club Lineup

An Oasis of Electronic Beats Meets Waterslides and Cabanas during Coachella weekend in Palm Springs

Palm Springs Surf Club main pool
Palm Springs Surf Club main pool

An entire daytime experience during Coachella weekends centered around a wave pool? Brought to you by Goldenvoice? Consider us intrigued.

We’ve attended our fair share of raucous afterparties and makeshift pop-ups over the years. But the newly minted Goldenvoice Surf Club raises the stakes with its sprawling, resort-inspired atmosphere. Having the actual ability to swim laps and cool off between pulsating electronic sets is essentially a fest-goer’s dream realized. Talk about multi-sensory immersion and stimulation!

The curated lineups have our stamps of approval from top to bottom so far. The thought of Bicep’s rapturous, euphorically tinged grooves soundtracking weekend one is already a tantalizing prospect. Their hypnotic, emotionally-charged brand of dance music will pair beautifully with the Surf Club’s idyllic setting and vibe.

The lineups for Goldenvoice Surf Club during Coachella weekends in April 2024 include Bicep, salute, Mia Moretti, Barry Can’t Swim (Weekend 1), and Dylan Brady, KETTAMA b2b Partiboi69, Mall Grab b2b Skin on Skin, Skream b2b Benga, JUNGLE, NEIL FRANCES, and Juliet Mendoza (Weekend 2).

Have a look at Coachella’s lineup as well.

The Goldenvoice Surf Club lineup

Then there’s the incredibly stacked and genre-blurring back-to-back sets locked in for weekend two. The combined talents of KETTAMA b2b Partiboi69 (dubbed KETBOI69) and Mall Grab b2b Skin on Skin have our minds fascinatingly boggled. Just imagine the singularly weird, aggressive, and altogether exhilarating sonic palettes those four artists will collectively conjure. Anyone who’s witnessed their individual DJ brilliance knows they’re in for a transcendent experience.

As much as we revel in the fremergent sounds though, we also deeply respect and admire the Surf Club’s tribute to dubstep’s iconic torchbearers. Having scene pioneers like Skream and Benga reunite on American soil is certain to be a profoundly special moment for the culture. Their seismic impact and influence on bass music simply can’t be overstated or easily forgotten.

Admittedly, the bookings of JUNGLE and LA indie-disco duo NEIL FRANCES (DJ set) had us briefly scratching our heads at first glance. But their inclusions ultimately make perfect sense through the lens of curating an eclectic, sonically diverse experience that caters to a vast range of musical palettes. Variety is the spice of life after all.

Goldenvoice Surf Club lineup
Goldenvoice Surf Club lineup

Âme, Claptone, Folamour for Sound Presents Lineup

What artists will be playing at Sound Presents on April 14 at the Palm Springs Surf Club?

At Goldenvoice Surf Club’s Sound Presents, Innervisions label head Âme, the masked icon Claptone, FHUO label head Folamour, and Sound regular Keyspan will all play.

Based in Los Angeles, Sound Nightclub is an important part of the city’s underground scene. It is one of the city’s oldest privately run boutique venues. It is also home to electronic music pioneers Framework. The nightlife giant was formed in 2012 and is proud of always delivering unique production, perfect sound, and unmatched musical curation across a range of open-air and club night properties, including their brand-new Hollywood venue, The Spotlight.

Goldenvoice Announces Âme, Claptone, Folamour for Sound Presents Lineup
Goldenvoice Announces Âme, Claptone, Folamour for Sound Presents Lineup

What you have to keep in mind when it comes to new pool parties and events

Of course, no genuine festival preview would be complete without addressing potential pitfalls and lingering concerns. Will the open-air setup at the Palm Springs Surf Club pose issues with sound quality and audio bleeding between stages? What measures will be implemented to combat unavoidable elements like scorching desert heat exhaustion? And perhaps most crucially, what’s the projected situation with beverage lines, bathroom accessibility, shade availability, and overall crowd flow/mobility?

In our experience, few large-scale music environments and experiences manage to check every single logistical box flawlessly out of the gate. There’s always some degree of unforeseen pitfalls and growing pains, even for the most seasoned and well-oiled operations. The key for Goldenvoice will be effectively identifying and troubleshooting any major issues early on while leaning into the Surf Club’s obvious strengths – killer venue with a breathtaking atmosphere, stacked lineups of heavy-hitting dance music talents, and a truly innovative concept that fills a glaring void.

Palm Springs Surf Club pool side
Palm Springs Surf Club pool side


On the pricing front, we have to give Goldenvoice their props – the admission costs for Surf Club are more than accessible and affordable for this caliber of event. With single-day GA tickets starting at just $40 and weekend passes going for $75, it’s an absolute steal considering the amenities, location, and stacked lineups involved. Tack on an extra charge for waterslide access if you’re seeking heightened aquatic thrills.

If they can successfully execute those core selling points, we’ll happily bask in the Surf Club’s unique desert oasis vibes come the April months. The standard has been set, now let’s see if Goldenvoice’s latest brainchild can rise up and meet it. We’ll be there to experience it all first-hand and bring you, our faithful Groove Cartel readers, the unfiltered scoop. Stay tuned!