Coachella 2024 tickets are selling at the slowest rate in decade

Coachella 2024 tickets are selling at the slowest rate since years
Coachella 2024 tickets are selling at the slowest rate since years
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Coachella 2024 faces unprecedented ticket availability and discontent over its lineup, suggesting a potential shift. Whether this marks a lasting change or a temporary setback in the festival’s allure remains uncertain.

Coachella seems to be running into an unexpected problem in 2024. Coachella tickets are usually as hard to find as gold dust. This year the desert doesn’t seem to be as appealing. In contrast to the normal chaos that happens when tickets go on sale, phase 1 tickets are still available. This is the first time in the festival’s ten-year history. But there’s something else going on here than you might think.

Ticket sales for Coachella’s first weekend started five days ago, on January 19. It’s hard to believe that most of the tickets are still available. In the past, festival passes always sold out in just a few hours. The fact that weekend passes are now available is a big change from the usual.

Coachella’s slow ticket sales increase the advertisement campaign on the web

Another unusual thing that happened this year is the unprecedented amount of ADs that appeared online. A lot of people have been saying that Coachella tickets keep showing up in ads on a lot of different sites. These large-scale efforts not only get people’s attention, but they also cost a lot of money. Someone could argue that the constant ads are a sign that Coachella is almost desperate to sell tickets. Could this be one last attempt to fill the open spots and keep the festival’s famous status?

Back in time when the sold-out was a certainty

Getting a Coachella weekend pass used to be like a high-stakes game. Fans had to deal with long lines for virtual tickets, high prices, and the cruel reality that they might not get the wristbands they wanted. From 40 minutes in 2015 to just over 4 hours in 2022, the event always sold out in a short amount of time. But things began to change in 2023, as ticket sales dropped.

The Coachella 2024 situation; a lineup problem?

Coachella 2024 ticket sales are now lower than the already slow 2023 sales as of Tuesday. There is a clear excess as the first weekend passes are still available at the second of the three price levels. One possible reason for this unusual slowdown is the lineup, which includes Doja Cat, Tyler, the Creator, Lana Del Rey, and No Doubt as the main acts.

Many fans are upset on social media, with posts like “Feels like a one-weekend lineup” and “the most disappointing Coachella lineup in years” getting a lot of attention, especially on Reddit. Some festival-goers aren’t sure how exciting this year’s event is because of the “poor” headliners. Also, the delays beyond the lineup’s announcement have lowered the hype.

The question then arises: Is Coachella losing its edge? Or is this just a short-term dip in the always-upbeat and disappointing ride that it is?