Coachella announces new Do LaB stage in 2024 (Have a Look)

The Do La Stage at Coachella will have psychedelic forest vibes in 2024

Coachella 2022 Do Lab stage
Coachella 2022 Do Lab stage

This year at Coachella, the Do LaB Stage will have a trippy forest theme instead of the recent trend of big tent-like structures. This will be a nice change from the recent trend of these kinds of structures. Josh Flamming, one of the main people who planned the Do LaB Stage, gave us special information about the creative design and goals for this year’s set-up.

Do LaB won’t be the only stage that Coachella will renew. Sahara Ten will also reinvented, making it bigger and better.

This is the very first rendering done in Do LaB,” Flamming happily said. It takes a lot more thought for everything. There are many skills we’ve picked up over the years. We’re always coming up with new ideas, but I believe what we’re doing right now is…

Flamming thought back to the early years of the Do LaB Stage. It was the time when the scenery was filled with intricate sculptures and lush gardens that changed with each year. But the most recent works were more like huge tent-like structures, which were different from the sculptures that made the stage famous in the beginning.

“This year, we’re going back to our roots,” Flamming excitedly said. “It’s going to feel like you’re dancing in this really trippy forest instead of under a tent.”

The choice to bring back the natural, whimsical vibe of the Do LaB Stage shows a conscious move toward giving festivalgoers a more engaging and magical experience. Flamming’s account makes me think of revelers getting lost in the magical embrace of a forest, surrounded by tall trees and bright foliage.

“It’s become this cool thing to do at Coachella,” Flamming said, pointing out that the stage is becoming more and more popular with acts looking for a unique place to perform. “All these huge axes come knocking on our door like, hey, we want to come play your stage this year.”

As people get more excited about Coachella 2024, the Do LaB Stage looks like it will be a highlight. It will feature a fascinating mix of art, music, and nature that fits the spirit of the festival. The stage is ready to push the limits of live performances and parties with its unique design and immersive atmosphere.

Keep checking back for more information as Coachella’s Do LaB Stage gets ready to take people to a place where magic and music meet under the cover of a strange forest.

The 2024 Do LaB lineup at Coachella will be announced shortly. Do LaB also run the Lightning In A Bottle festival.

Coachella 2024 Do LaB stage
Coachella 2024 Do LaB stage