Awakenings Summer Festival Sunday Canceled Due to Impending Severe Weather

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Hilvarenbeek, Netherlands – In a decision that prioritizes public safety, Awakenings Summer Festival has officially announced the cancellation of its Sunday event due to severe weather conditions. With the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute issuing a warning of imminent heavy thunderstorms, strong gusts, and the possibility of large hail, festival organizers have taken the necessary precautionary measures to ensure the well-being of attendees.

This disappointing news comes as a result of the festival’s deep concern for the safety of all festival-goers. Despite their best efforts to maintain the event as scheduled, the unpredictable and potentially hazardous weather conditions necessitate the cancellation of Sunday’s festivities.

Ticket holders who were eagerly anticipating Sunday’s performances are urged to stay home and await direct communication from Awakenings Summer Festival. In the coming days, the festival organizers will provide further information regarding potential alternatives, compensations, or rescheduling.

In addition, for individuals currently camping at the festival grounds, special instructions have been issued to ensure their safe departure. Visitors are advised to carefully follow on-site signage and check their emails for guidance regarding the evacuation process. Awakenings Summer Festival has arranged for free shuttle buses to transport campers to Tilburg Station, located conveniently near the festival’s exit.

For those without alternative accommodations or facing other challenges, an evacuation center has been established. Campers are directed to the designated areas based on their camping section: Ganvie Village, situated near Supermarket SPAR, for Grand Camping visitors, and Karibu Town for Relax Resort campers. Festival staff will be present at these locations to provide assistance and support.

Awakenings Summer Festival organizers have expressed their deep regret for the inconvenience caused by the cancellation, recognizing the disappointment felt by attendees and the impact on artists and the local community. However, the decision to prioritize public safety remains paramount in light of the severe weather warnings.