Deeper Purpose & GUZ debuts on DFTD “That Sound”

Deeper Purpose & GUZ DFTD "That Sound"
Deeper Purpose & GUZ DFTD "That Sound"

Deeper Purpose and GUZ‘s first DFTD release is a collaboration called “That Sound,” which features Dope Earth Alien, a Canadian rapper and singer.

The underground London scene for Deeper Purpose Experience quickly led to success in the US, where it was released on John Summit’s Expert’s Only and Fisher’s Catch and Release labels. Now works with Dutch producer GUZ, whose hits include “Set U Free” and “ThinLine.”

Together, the two well-known artists release “That Sound,” a club-ready banger perfect for DFTD that has the unmistakable sound of Dope Earth Alien. The Canadian rapper’s unique flow goes well with bassy, room-shaking hits and rubbery sounds, giving any track she’s on a smooth, retro feel.

Deeper Purpose and GUZ‘s collaboration with Dope Earth Alien on “That Sound” marks a pivotal moment bridging London and US underground success with Dutch chart-topping prowess.

The track, boasting powerful basslines and Dope Earth Alien’s unique flow, embodies a throwback feel while embracing contemporary club culture. Its debut on DFTD signifies a fusion of diverse talents aiming to redefine dance music boundaries.