Jeremy Olander unleashes another melodic gem, ‘Shogun’

Vivrant label head honcho Jeremy Olander gifts us with ‘Shogun’,
one of his most eagerly awaited productions.

jeremy olander shogunThis rare single release from Jeremy Olander is a true peak-time belter with a clear nod to the Swede’s larger euphorically-laden style reminiscent of his incredible music production breadth. A true vintage blend that proves he still got the studio chops to lead any dance floor at a club or festival this summer to a state of unparalleled frenzy.

With a clear inspirational reference to the old school trance-esque trend permeating the melodic house music scene at the moment, “Shogun” is a powerful yet sophisticated record with a soaring, seratonin-enducing lead melody that seemingly never wants to cease to build. Once the inevitable release does rear its ravishing face, it’s quite unlike anything you’ve heard in recent memory.

Shogun“, one of the many IDs played by the Swedish maestro during his spectacular set for Cercle, follows the release of the “Docks EP” earlier this February: we’re sure that we’ll hear more from him and Vivrant in the near future.

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