OLING returns on VIVRANT with ‘Gershwin’

‘Gershwin’, the track, was written during OLING’s annual writing camp by beautiful lake Ejen in Sweden. The vocal recording comes from the Korean mega star george.


Vivrant’s third release of 2023 immerses you in the melodically soaked peak-time vibes of OLING. New single ‘Gershwin’, set to release on Jeremy Olander’s Vivrant label, follows up on the up-and-coming Swedish star’s single ‘Sizo’ from earlier this year. 

OLING’s Gershwin

With support from the likes of Lane 8 on one end of the spectrum to Agents of Time, legends in the game Sasha, Nick Warren, and Afterlife stand-out Marino Canal on the other, OLING’s emotionally charged sound has proven to transcend genres. 

His forthcoming summer release features a vocal sample from Korean mega-star and close friend george that further elevates the track’s energetic and euphoric style. The future evergreen record was written during OLING’s ‘Sonic Explorations’ producer camp in January earlier this year.

At the annual event that takes place at Lake Ejen, the Swedish talent tweaked george’s vocal to become a fundamental and indispensable component of ‘Gershwin’. 


OLING, or Oliver, has made a mark on the Swedish underground scene in the last three years. Growing up in the countryside in a small city a three-hour drive from Stockholm, he had a steep uphill battle with few opportunities in his pursuit to make a name for himself on the domestic scene. After a decade of honing his craft in the studio, he caught the attention of Jeremy Olander in 2020.

After getting his music in front of the former Eric Prydz protege, he not only secured an opportunity to play shows with the Swedish star, but also secured a record and management deal. OLING moved to Stockholm the same year and released his debut EP ‘Aves’ on Vivrant, home to acs in the likes of Coeus, Marino Canal, Dominik Eulberg, Hunter/Game and more. The project quickly gained traction, with the EP amassing over 200,000 streams on Spotify alone. 

Since then, OLING has continued to make waves. He joined Olander on tour in London, Tulum, Cairo and Oslo and in November, 2022 he founded his own events series Roots in his home of Dalarna, Sweden. Over 1000 tickets and three sold-out shows later, the project received media coverage by Swedish National Radio and has become a future local tradition. 

As the anticipation for OLING’s summer single ‘Gershwin’ builds, fans and music lovers alike can look forward to experiencing a melodic masterpiece that seamlessly combines power and sophisticated sonic craftsmanship of the highest order.