Jeremy Olander returns on his own Vivrant imprint with ‘Docks’ EP

Swedish prog Maestro Jeremy Olander returns on his own Vivrant label with a delightful two-track installment, the ‘Docks’ EP.

Fresh off his debut project on Sasha’s Last Night On Earth, Jeremy Olander is back at home on Vivrant soil for the label’s 16th release.

jeremy olander brandoThe two-track EP, containing club favorite “Docks” and newly minted “Brando“, sets the tone nicely for the creative trajectory of Jeremy Olander’s dynamic and ever-developing sound.

Characterised by swerving, bright, trembling melodies that are contrasted against sinister yet groovy drum work, “Docks” is a bonafide genre-transcending record; it does the trick in a wee hour set on a crisp winter morning, as well as with bridging the gap from the initial phase of a set to the peak time affair.

The flip-side brings us “Brando“, and it continues the sonic journey where “Docks” left off. A deep, melodic and seemingly delicate affair, it features spacey and enigmatic FX and a joyous yet sophisticated synth lead laid across a bed off a subtly thumping bass line. The breakdown, arguably one of Olander’s strong suits, builds suspense in a debonair manner before an imminent and unsuspecting release.

In just three years, Jeremy Olander’s Vivrant imprint has emerged as one of the most intriguing young labels on the scene at the intersection of deep house, techno, and melodic house.

With original releases and remix work from Marino Canal, Finnebassen, Charlie Thorstensson, Khen, Henry Saiz, André Hommen, Tim Engelhardt, and more, the Stockholm-based imprint has in a short time attracted established artists as well as some of the most exciting emerging new talents.