Nicky Romero Nightvision at AFAS Live
Nicky Romero Nightvision at AFAS Live

Nicky Romero solds out 1st-ever “Nightvision” Solo Show and drops EP

The Show Will Take Place on December 2nd at Amsterdam's AFAS Live and Is Accompanied by Themed 6-track Nightvision EP

Nightvision the 1st-ever Nicky Romero‘s solo show is now officially sold out. Nicky Romero will play in front of more than 6000 people at Amsterdam’s AFAS Live tomorrow, December 2nd.


Nicky Romero’s Nightvision is in the final stages of preparing for a watershed event in his already distinguished career. His first solo gig, “Nightvision,” is on December 2nd, and he’s pulling out all the stops.

Nicky will take visitors on a true aural journey, stretching from his early anthems to his recent successes. The show will be at the 6,000-capacity Amsterdam venue AFAS Live (previously known as Heineken Music Hall).

Nightvision” will also include sounds from some of his best sets from recent years, including Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Peru, Korea, Japan, Brazil, Taiwan, Tomorrowland, EDC Mexico, and Amsterdam Music Festival, to mention a few.

Of course, Nicky will be bringing out some very special guests throughout the night. With so many all-star collaborations under his credit, we can only speculate as to who they may be!

To add a final dash of excitement before the event, Romero has today released a six-track EP. It features a big dosage of his signature club-oriented, melodic progressive jewels.

Nicky Romero talks about his first-ever solo show Nightvision which is now soldout

The ‘Nightvision’ EP is all about developing myself as an artist. One of the most important musical ingredients from my career is the melodies; they help me create an emotion and tell a story. They created the identity that I have right now as Nicky Romero. I tried to bring these elements from earlier in my career together in a new way in 2023, and I think ‘Nightvision’ really converts that into the best possible way I could do it. With the Nightvision event on December 2nd, we are trying to do something super unique with the visuals. We’ll have live performances with guests, and I’ll be playing live instruments myself. We wanted to create a real, industrial, mysterious kind of event that is all about the nightlife. The musical elements of the ‘Nightvision’ EP really bring that together very smoothly. I’m super proud of the EP and really looking forward to the event. – Nicky Romero

The EP is out now. Nightvision concept is brought by EA events.