Introducing FALSE IDOLS at DRUMSHEDS London

Come explore music and spirituality. Fuck fakes, haters, false prophets, and time wasters. This is your last chance to dance freely and confront your beliefs. Liberation is a beat away.


FALSE IDOLS is a completely new movement with a rebellious manifesto.

It is a party constructed with new energy and creative consciousness. FALSE IDOLS will test our beliefs, forge a new dancing tribe, and discover freedom inside the music – a new wave of harmonious hedonism.

Debuting on Saturday December 2nd as part of the first season at London’s new cultural space DRUMSHEDS, the first FALSE IDOLS will bring together a colourful, world-class line-up of dynamic artists including Sugababes, Shygirl, Job Jobse, Saoirse, Jamz Supernova, Josh Caffé, Jodie Harsh, Paranoid London and more, set to play across the three mighty DRUMSHEDS spaces – X Room, Y Room, Z Room.

A safe venue for London’s partygoers: FALSE IDOLS

FALSE IDOLS, conceived by the team behind Broadwick Live (Printworks, Drumsheds, Field Day), Little Gay Brother, and Percolate, will be a communal and safe venue for London’s partygoers, with a dancefloor open to all. Following the notion of collective awareness, they extend their arms to everybody who loves freely and passionately, regardless of distinctions – creed, color, queer, straight, LGBQTi+, the community isn’t limited by walls.

Guests, dancers, DJs, artists, and others will be brought together in a giant melting pot, with an epic first outing bringing together 15,000 bodies. False Idols is a declaration of intent that pokes fun at the imposters, haters, false prophets, and time wasters.

Tickets start at £27.50 and can be purchased here.

We envision False Idols as a place where we, all tribes, people, and ravers can come together and enjoy music no matter their sexuality and gender. Of course, there is queer programming at its heart, but we are open to everybody, as long as you are open to everybody. This is a new cult for the brave, bold, and beautiful souls that what to revel in the love and joy that dance music is meant to herald – Clayton Wright, Little Gay Brother


When it comes to showtime, a variety of pop and electronic music royalty will take the reins across DRUMSHEDS’ three soaring industrial rooms.

Sugababes will take center stage in the magnificent X ROOM, also known as THE TEMPLE. The dream crew reunites for a special live set in DRUMSHEDS’ main room after sell-out performances at the O2, a heavily-hyped Boiler Room, and shutting down the Avalon stage at Glastonbury.


The artists for FALSE IDOL: X ROOM is THE TEMPLE

Since meeting as youngsters at an under-18s rave, the trio’s history has been genetically entwined with London, and their resurgence has seen them become appreciated far and wide.

Mutya, Keisha, and Siobhan have championed variety, difference, and perseverance with songs such as Overload, UGLY, Freak Like Me, Too Lost In You, and others.

Sugababes will perform live, featuring all of their oldies, new music, and their infamous interpretations on classic garage and club tunes.

Shygirl, another outstanding talent who blends rap, pop, and alternative sounds in her colorful and catchy productions, will also be in charge of the main room.

It has been a privilege to work with some of the most dynamic, engaging and enriching promoters (Percolate and Little Gay Brother) to create FALSE IDOLS – a brave new music brand which promises to be a highlight of DRUMSHEDS first season. We can’t wait to see it come to life – Ebony Rhineyjames, Marketing Director Broadwick Live

The B.O.T.A. will be on the decks in the main area, adding to the harmonized hedonism. Eliza Rose brings garage and rave bangers with a hefty dose of fun, while Miss Jodie Harsh takes the stage – a figure that has been a key role in the UK’s gay scene for decades, advocating LGBQTI+ culture.


Job Jobse, whose dynamic and individual sets have been tagged as one of Europe’s most hyped DJs right now, is also on board. Job will collaborate with Saoirse, co-founder of Body Movements Festival and tRUST label head – another crucial figure responsible for boosting LGBT culture in the UK.

Ross From Friends also performs a DJ set at FALSE IDOLS. The Ninja Tune / Brainfeeder affiliate brings his perspective on expressive, melodic, and grooving sounds for a DJ set.

We are ecstatic to be a part of bringing such an exciting show to London, the scale, concept and production are of the highest spec – it’s basically going to be an indoor festival. – Fred Letts and Simon Denby, Percolate


For the day-to-night session, Y Room aka THE ORACLE pulls together a tag team of trailblazers, with DJs, producers, and performers on board to keep energy levels at optimum performance.

Demi Riqusimo, from London via Detroit, is famed for his killer acid, italo house, and disco productions, and he performs b2b with Femme Fraiche head honcho and legend Michelle Manetti.

GIDEN, an identifiable figure in the queer movement, also joins as the brains behind Glastonbury’s Block9 and NYC Downlow after hours club. Josh Caffé, a jacking house and steamy specialist, will also perform live, as will Jaguar, MikeQ, Nathan Micay, and respected production duo Paranoid London.

Z Room

The Z Room, also known as FOOLS GOLD, is a tribute to all things fun and free, queer and gorgeous, formal and with a ballroom flair. There’s a mix of pop and electronic mainstays and breakout talent, as well as LGBQTI+ underground scene stalwarts like Chapter 10’s Dan Beaumont going b2b with Wes Ballagley, Adonis resident Grace Sands, Little Gay Brother resident Joshua James, and more.

Huns N’Roses and the Raw Silk crews usually create feel-good sets, so expect 100% joyful party bangers.

The Broadwick Live crew and DRUMSHEDS

FALSE IDOLS can be found at DRUMSHEDS, Broadwick Live’s exciting new location in a derelict warehouse in North London. Its flexible and industrial rooms will be altered as these colorful party crews arrive to take over the vast space.

The debut edition of False Idols will be curated in part by the Broadwick Live crew, as well as the people behind Little Gay Brother and Percolate.

This is an iconic meeting of minds to build False Idols, taking place behind some of the smartest, most intelligent, and successful parties in their own domains. Broadwick is driven to create genuine impact through pure yet powerful live experiences in distinctive locations that are home to communities and culture, with a portfolio that includes some of the UK’s most notable experience-led brands such as Printworks, Beams, Field Day, Depot Mayfield, and more.

DRUMSHEDS will be conveniently accessible via tube, train, and buses due to its location in North London’s industrial Meridian Water zone, which is only 4 minutes from Tottenham Hale (Victoria Line).