Sebjak has released his long-awaited ‘Rain’ on Bibliothèque


Sebjak drops first 2019 single in the form of ‘Rain’ via his Bibliothèque Records.

Sebjak Rain BibliothèqueThe Swedish house maestro Sebjak just released his first record of this year. It’s his long-awaited release called ‘Rain’. This record has been a firm staple in all Sebjak’s set since the last year summer. ‘Rain’ came out on Sebjak’s own imprint Bibliothèque Records.

The sound of this record is quite deep and rather minimalistic but very powerful and proof that sometimes less is more. When the main bassline drops and hits you, there is no place where to hide before it. The vocal follows the mood of the record itself, very simple yet very catchy. Overall the track is very well produced, as we’re used with Sebjak’s tunes. Perfect for the deeper and darker night in the club, ‘Rain’ is also perfect for your night rides.

‘Rain’ was first played last year during THÈQUEHOUSE 017 and it was fixed tune in Sebjak’s podcasts. The track marks the 33rd release on Sebjak’s imprint Bibliothèque

Hello. Tell me what I could do. Tell me your secrets. Keep me safe. You’re beautiful. Goodbye.
I love you. You’re beautiful. Rain.

We are really looking forward to see what the guys behind this label have in store for us in the near future. You can stream ‘Rain’ below and but it here.

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