Aalson returns on Sinners with ‘Elevation’


You may used to read and hear about the biggest name in the industry while surfing our blog. That’s true. But we always try to feature up-and-coming DJs, producers, and music labels that have not the resonant of the top ones. This is the case of Sinners music label and one of its leading artists Aalson.

This is not news if you have read The Groove Cartel for a while but, if you’re new here, Aalson and Sinners may be new for you.

After starting 2024 with High Level,” Analog Context‘s second release on Sinners, Aalson now shares his newest work “Elevation” along with some exciting news.

After getting praise for Purified and UGENIUS and for “Divergent Relativity” from Mark Tarmonea and Marco Carola, Aalson is back with “Elevation.” The song comes out on February 16.

In his own way, the track builds up like a unified army of sounds, ending with a beautiful break full of strings and choirs. There are glitchy parts, new sounds, and a strong beat in the drop.

It’s a story-driven journey that shows off Aalson’s skill at combining stories with lively electronic beats.

But Aalson still has more wonders in store.

The first Sinners show has taken place at the famous techno club “Le Bikini” in Toulouse, France. He has been in charge of the label since last year and on February 9, he played with Max Tenrom, Ceas, and Polygraph in his own backyard.

His last release on the label “Rêver” (song and clip that can be played forward and backward) was also chosen by ClubbingTV for their yearly “Best French Music Video” award.

Aalson Elevation is out now on Sinners.

Aalson, a prominent artist affiliated with Sinners Music Label, recently unveiled his latest track “Elevation.” Characterized by its vibrant electronic beats and captivating storytelling, the song marks another milestone in Aalson’s journey as a skilled producer within the electronic music scene.