Avision New Songs ‘Good Time/So High (You Get Me)’ on Ellum


‘Good Time/So High (You Get Me),’ Avision‘s newest two-tracker, came out on Maceo Plex’s famous Ellum label. From the very beginning, this sound force draws attention, bringing a new era of dancefloor revelations.

All the way from New Jersey, Avision has quickly gone from being an underground star to a major force on the global techno and electro scene. In My Mind,’ his first record, was a masterclass in sound exploration and a bold statement that he was here to be reckoned with. But Avision has raised the bar once more with “Good Time/So High (You Get Me).” It’s a devastating one-two punch for the dancefloor that leaves listeners gasping for air.

Good Time,’ the first track, starts with a flood of pulsing rhythms and sour tones that grab your attention right away. You are pulled deeper into the sound vortex as twisted electro vocals make their way through the complex tapestry of sound. Their bodies start moving automatically to the hypnotic groove. You have to hear this song in its simplest form, on a huge dancefloor with other people who feel the same way, giving in to the beat’s primal call.

But just as the happiness levels are at their highest, “So High (You Get Me)” comes in like a tsunami. It crashes over the listener with its complex layers and strange rhythms. The way Avision handles techno’s driving force is clear, but it’s the twisted electro-voices that really take this track to a whole new level.

Good Time/So High (You Get Me)” is a surprise for the dancefloor, a sound experience that begs to be felt at its core.