ARTBAT and Armin van Buuren talks about their debut collab


The collaboration between ARTBAT and Armin van Buuren on “Take Off” signifies a fusion of trance and techno, blending Armin’s melodic chords with ARTBAT’s pulsating bassline.

Together with Armin van Buuren, the trance pioneer, ARTBAT made the trance-meets-techno track “Take Off,” which came out today on Armada Music. The two met backstage at Armin van Buuren’s biggest trance event, A State of Trance event, in 2023.

Collaborating with Armin van Buuren, who is such a legend in the dance game, has been really special. We can’t believe this collaboration hasn’t happened before now and we’re very happy that Armin asked us to do a collaboration, which has brought something so special to our sound. It’s been enjoyable to explore and push the boundaries of both our sounds. It’s an honor to have worked alongside such a groundbreaker in his lane. – ARTBAT

Take Off‘ skillfully combines Armin van Buuren’s signature trance builds, melodic chords, and driving bass with ARTBAT’s pulsating bassline and rolling rhythm, creating a fresh and dynamic cross-genre debut linkup.

ARTBAT’s exceptional performance at last year’s ‘A State of Trance Festival’ sparked immense inspiration in me. Even though I was deep into album mode and immersed in a sound that is quite different from ‘Take Off’, their music prompted a lot of ideas. I thought of the concept of ‘Space Case’ and how its theme, spoken word and trancey stabs would chime in with the unique ARTBAT sound. This collaboration feels like it’s been a long time coming, and I’m thrilled it’s now seeing the light of day. – Armin van Buuren

Take Off’ is available now via Armada Music.