Rodrigo Serna and Bexxie ‘Got Me’ on IN/ROTATION

The perfect blend of non-stop percussive rhythm and seductive vocals


Are you ready to groove to an electrifying new beat? Rodrigo Serna and Bexxie have teamed up to deliver an absolute banger with their latest single ‘Got Me,’ released on the renowned IN/ROTATION label. This track is a perfect embodiment of everything we love about house music – infectious rhythms, captivating drums, and sultry vocals that take you on a mesmerizing journey.

Bexxie, a name that has steadily been making waves in the house music scene, may not be a newcomer, but her passion for music traces back to the late 90s. Immersed in the vibrant NYC rave scene during her teenage and young adult years, Bexxie has honed her skills as both a producer and a DJ, earning her rightful place among the industry’s rising stars. With a rich background in electronic music, she brings a wealth of experience and creativity to ‘Got Me.’

Got Me‘ sets the stage with a pulsating rhythm that hooks you in from the very first beat. The track’s high-energy percussive elements create an electrifying atmosphere, demanding that you surrender to the groove. As the catchy drums take center stage, you’ll find it impossible not to move your body in sync with the rhythm.

But the magic doesn’t stop there – Bexxie’s alluring and sensual vocals kick in, elevating ‘Got Me‘ to a whole new level of seduction. Her voice weaves seamlessly into the mix, adding an irresistible touch of romance and allure. The combination of Bexxie’s vocals and Serna’s beats creates an unparalleled synergy, making ‘Got Me’ a truly unforgettable listening experience.