Beatport Presents Off The Record Documentary with HE.SHE.THEY.

Beatport documentary series Off The Record with HE.SHE.THEY.
Beatport documentary series Off The Record with HE.SHE.THEY.

Beatport’s second Off The Record documentary delves into the world of HE.SHE.THEY., spotlighting its inclusive ethos and global impact within the electronic music scene. Founded by Sophia Kearney, Steven Braines, and Ashraf Ejjbair, the documentary showcases their journey of promoting diversity and acceptance.

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The company revealed the second instalment of the Off The Record documentary is availble to watch. It features HE.SHE.THEY., a record label, clothing band and party organizer. The core of HE.SHE.THEY. is its inclusivity. They organize parties in 50 towns around the world, from Los Angeles to Berlin to Ibiza to Mumbai.

Beatport’s Off The Record  documentary series gives viewers an unmatched, up-close, and personal look into the lives and careers of some of the biggest names in electronic music. This allows viewers to learn more about these influential people who are changing the world through their music.

It’s been so amazing to be given a platform to freely tell the story of HE.SHE.THEY., which is both our story and that of our global community. It’s very raw, and honestly, a lot of our own insecurities and past trauma are on show so it was a bit of an emotional roller coaster at times. It was a cathartic and difficult process to go through, but it was worth it. We hope it shows people they too can work hard and dream big, that they can channel their trauma into a solution that’s bigger than them to help others. The importance of community and the shared values of respect, compassion, and empathy for others, both on the dancefloor and beyond, whilst also remembering to be silly, fun, dance and experience joy too as we only get one life. – HE.SHE.THEY. co-founders Sophia Kearney and Steven Braines

The content of the documentary: Beatport talks about HE.SHE.THEY.

Off The Record’s second episode takes viewers into the amazing world of HE.SHE.THEY. It is run by co-founders Sophia Kearney and Steven Braines and their trusted third member, Ashraf Ejjbair. When it started in 2018, HE.SHE.THEY. was one of the few places online where people were talking about gender, body positivity, sexuality, and acceptance.

HE.SHE.THEY.: the beginning and the global phenomena

The film looks at HE.SHE.THEY. through its house rules, which include not being homophobic, transphobic, racist, misogynistic, or body-shaming. From family homes with parents and best friends to the start of a new digital art project, club kids and drag queens on the dance floors of New York and San Francisco, and their 5th birthday party in London with Peaches as the main attraction, the show follows the founders and events all over the world. Through each event, viewers will see how hard the founders work to make the space open to everyone, while also promoting diversity and breaking down barriers in the music business.

We are incredibly honored to showcase HE.SHE.THEY. and their extraordinary journey in this installment of Off The Record. Their unwavering commitment to inclusivity and their impact on the electronic music scene is truly inspiring. We hope this documentary sheds light on their vision and motivates others to embrace diversity within their respective communities. – Sofia Ilyas, Chief Community Officer at The Beatport Group

The impact of HE.SHE.THEY. goes beyond its well-known event series. The brand has grown to include a record label and a fashion label. It now has releases and remixes by well-known artists like DJ Minx, Cakes Da Killa, Faithless, SYREETA, Maya Jane Coles, and even a trans-inclusive remix album for Alanis Morissette, a global superstar and activist.

Following Ukrainian DJ Nastia after she learned her country had been attacked was the first Off The Record documentary from Beatport.

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